8 More Franchises That Would Be Great Telltale Games

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Last year, we produced a Gallery of the Day about franchises we hoped Telltale Games would license. But even after grabbing the rights to Batman, Marvel, and Minecraft games, Telltale has barely scratched the surface of what it can do. So here are 8 more games that would flourish under a “Telltale treatment”.

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who has a long history of video games that rarely lived up to the show’s potential. Telltale’s formula offers a great alternative: Episodic, character-focused games where your decisions influence time and space. Actions and conversations held in the distant past might have consequences that unfold over centuries. And if you don’t like the outcome, a quick time jump could fix everything – provided you can do so without crossing your own timeline.

What’s more, there are all kinds of narrative approaches a Telltale Doctor Who game could take. You could play as a new companion who stumbles across the TARDIS, or the Doctor himself as he travels the Vortex. And it might be an opportunity for the Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi to work with past actors like David Tennant or Matt Smith. Whatever happens, BBC isn’t making another Doctor Who season until 2017, so a Telltale game is a great way to fill the void.

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The action-packed adventures of Archer Sterling would absolutely make for a great video game. The hard part is balancing Archer‘s banter and office politics as he navigates tumultuous relationships with Lana, his co-workers, and his mother. That’s where a dialogue system like Telltale’s could really shine, providing hilarious quips and one-liners for Archer even when it’s deeply inappropriate for him to say them. Imagine arguing with Lana in the middle of a shootout, while simultaneously responding to attacks via quick-time events. Written well, it could make for hilarious encounters the likes of which we’ve never seen in video games, and I’d love to see whether Telltale could pull it off.

dragon age inquisition wallpaper

Dragon Age

A few years back, Jennifer Helper sparked a minor controversy by suggesting games like Dragon Age could be improved by optionally reducing combat to focus on story. The thing is, that sounds a lot like a Telltale game – and considering how well Borderlands translated, perhaps it’s worth considering. BioWare already established systems that gave your actions consequences across multiple sequels. That’s Telltale’s bread-and-butter, and it wouldn’t be hard to create original stories using its in-house game engine. There might even be options to import your Dragon Age save files, ensuring you were playing in your favorite version of the universe. Given the long wait between Dragon Age releases, letting Telltale make a season might soften the blow.

silent hill

Silent Hill

Okay, this one is a long shot given Konami’s recent behavior with its properties. But Telltale has rarely explored horror, and Silent Hill would be a great place to start. You’d follow an original cast of deeply flawed characters who have become trapped by Silent Hill’s fog and their own sins. Your protagonist must try to unite the NPCs to survive against the town’s horrors – the better you do, the more who survive and escape with you in the final episode. Silent Hill has its own history of multiple endings, so Telltale adding a choice-based system wouldn’t be a huge stretch.

Besides, it’s not like Konami’s doing much with Silent Hill right now. Maybe a Telltale game could be the surprise hit this series needs.

adventure time

Adventure Time

Telltale once produced an amusing Homestar Runner game that proved quirky cartoons could translate well to video games. While a sequel is unlikely, Adventure Time might be a great alternate fit. The show (and previous games) presented a huge universe of outrageous characters, and allow for adventure and intrigue around any corner. Being able to follow Finn and Jake’s adventures across the Land of Ooo could be immensely appealing, and maintain the all-ages spirit Telltale explored with its Minecraft game.



I absolutely adored Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, but now that Fables has concluded we shouldn’t expect a sequel anytime soon. But the concept of a not-quite-human cop investigating vicious crimes has merit, and few match it like Robocop. Dialogue choices could let players switch between his robotic persona (which terrifies civilians, but gets results from criminals) and a figure struggling to maintain his humanity (which helps civilians trust you, but makes criminals think you’re weak). You could even have a great quick-time event where Robocop’s interface is hacked, removing his ability to make independent choices until it’s resolved. On top of that, you choices will influence how civilians view the Detroit Police, which has great implications over the course of a season.


Jessica Jones

I enjoyed Netflix’s Jessica Jones as much as anyone, but one thing it barely featured was Jessica taking on actual cases – a misstep for a show about a private investigator. (Seriously, how did she pay her rent during Season 1?) Telltale could fix that by giving Jessica new cases each episode, taking her into the dark underbelly of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And since Jessica’s behavior is morally ambiguous at times, Telltale’s choice system could be have great effect anytime you burns bridges with potential allies. Even better, Telltale already has a partnership with Marvel, so greenlighting this series wouldn’t be a huge leap.

firefly cast


Firefly was an absolutely marvelous show cancelled before its time. Trouble is, no matter how many Browncoats rage, the show is probably never returning to television. Video games, however, are not so limited, which means Telltale could recreate Joss Whedon’s sci-fi Verse. Whether commanding Malcolm Reynold’s Serenity, or controlling an original captain, players would manage their crew’s personalities while taking odd jobs – legal or illegal – that keep everyone fed and their ship well-stocked. Telltale’s choice system would also be a great fit for Firefly, giving you a reputation as a hero of the people or a hardened criminal solely looking out for their own.

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