8 Nintendo Franchises We Want to See Revived on Console

If you’re a Nintendo fan, you know the pain of hearing that a new game in a much-loved franchise is coming out, only to find out that it’s handheld exclusive. The Wii U is a solid little machine, and there are rumors of the NX release date being targeted to 2016. But whether Nintendo releases a new console or sticks with the Wii U, we want to see these eight franchises make a comeback.

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F-Zero has been missing in action since 2003, when it appeared on the GameCube. It was the first game to be made for the Super Nintendo, and it brought gamers fast-paced racing without the items of Mario Kart. It was also well know for its difficulty. We’ve played the games F-Zero inspired, like the Wipeout series, but it’s high time for Nintendo to let us dive back into the original. The closest we’ve been of late is playing as Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros.

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Rogue Squadron was one of the more popular games to appear on the Nintendo 64. Critics praised both its graphics and flight mechanics, and rightly so. Equally impressive was the game’s audio, which at the time was almost revolutionary. Although the original developer, Factor 5, has been closed since 2011, there are plenty of studios – both first and third-party – that would probably jump at the chance to bring this franchise back.

Advance Wars

Although it’s always been a handheld game, Advance Wars would be a great addition to the Wii U (or NX) lineup. The turn-based tactics game pit players against enemy armies in both campaign and multiplayer modes. Developed by Intelligent Systems (also known for the Fire Emblem series), Advance Wars was both easy to learn and engaging, a combination that is not that common. With the combination of on-screen action and interactivity on the gamepad, Advance Wars could be a great addition to Nintendo’s console lineup.

Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus was one of my favorite NES games, and Kid Icarus: Uprising was a great 3DS game as well. Both games featured Pit, a young angel, who’s trying to protect his land from enemies. The original featured platforming action, while the 3DS follow-up was more of a third-person shooter. Both games were well received, and hopefully it won’t be 25 years before we get another installment in the series.

Earthbound / Mother

It’s been 20 years since Earthbound hit the Super Nintendo, and the game has only gotten more popular over that time. Originally it received little acclaim, but the intervening years have seen it become a cult classic. It was set in the real world and parodied many genre staples. A sequel was intended to launch on the Nintendo 64DD, but was scrapped when that peripheral was canceled. It’s time to bring this one back to life.

Luigi’s Mansion

Another game that has appeared on 3DS but not consoles is Luigi’s Mansion. The original game was a launch title for the GameCube, and the 2013 3DS follow-up was just as well-received. Both drop Luigi into a haunted mansion infested with ghosts, and send him off to find Mario. It’s been both critically and commercially successful, and it would not be surprising to see Nintendo go back to this Ghostbuster-like well.


If there’s one franchise that I cannot believe isn’t on every Nintendo console, it’s Pokemon. Pokemon sells games, handhelds, and merchandise. However, there’s really never been a core game in the franchise on a console. That needs to change, and soon. Sure, bringing a new Pokemon Snap to Wii U would be great too, but judging from what I’ve seen happen to 3DS numbers when Pokemon comes out, Nintendo needs this franchise on its main consoles as well.


If there’s one major franchise that Nintendo fans are ready to see back on their big screen TVs, it’s Metroid. Other M was a divisive title, we get it, but the excitement for a new title in the series was palpable at E3 this year. It turned out to be a 3DS game titled Metroid Prime: Federation Force, an announcement that left many fans disappointed. If Nintendo wants to turn the Wii U around, or wants to nail the launch of the NX, bringing Samus along would be a great way to do it.

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