8 of the Best Anime Opening Songs

Steins;Gate – “Hacking to the Gate”

For a show that deals with more suspense than action, Steins;Gate has one exciting intro song. The slight techno vibes mixed with the fast-paced beats of the song do a really good job of emulating the show’s science-fiction thriller plot. If you’re into shows like Dr. Who or Psycho-Pass, this will be the show for you, the opening song is just an extra treat for this exciting mind game.

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Trigun – “HT”

Just like the inhabitants of the planet GunsmokeTrigun‘s opening comes out with guns blazing. The gritty metal riffs compliment the rough and tumble world that Vash the Stampede journeys, while the unrelenting pace matches the non-stop action of the show. If this intro doesn’t get you hyped to do a little gunslinging, I don’t know what will, but make sure to catch your breath when the show finally starts.

The Seven Deadly Sins – “Netsujou no Spectrum”

If you’re looking for a grand fantasy, then The Seven Deadly Sins might just be the remedy for your Legend of Zelda withdrawals. The intro song matches Meliodas and the gang’s fervor for their adventure to stop the Holy Knights from destroying the kingdom. With a generally fast-paced tempo, mix of guitar and piano, and lyrics that are impossible to keep up with, you’ll understand the Sins’ urgency present within the show. If you can keep up with this song, you’re probably one of the Sins themselves.

Cowboy Bebop – “Tank!”

Is there anything more iconic than the multifaceted intro of Cowboy Bebop? The allusion to old espionage films really sets the “cool” tone of the show and the blending of musical genres matches the varying cinematic genres of the show. This song has become so well-known that it has been riffed on in Watanabe’s Space Dandy and even the hit show Archer. If any of you space cowboys aren’t familiar with this one, you’re missing out.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – All of Them

This may seem like a cop out, seeing as there are five different openings, but Brotherhood really hit the nail on the head with all of these songs. The series pushes a lot of emotional buttons throughout its run, so it’s fitting that the intros match those feelings. I’m just going to leave the video above for evidence of how a show can get multiple intro songs right.

Soul Eater – “Resonance”

When I first started watching Soul Eater, I really didn’t know what to expect, but this song really set the tone for me. Soul Eater rarely slows down for its audience to catch up, and the song compliments the action-centered plot. The video also serves as a slightly enigmatic, but fully developed introduction to all of the main characters, both good and bad (Medusa’s creepy dancing is absolutely perfect). While the second intro song, “Papermoon” is also excellent, nothing will ever quite match up to the power of the first song, I mean, even Death can’t help but dance.

Gurren Lagann – “Sorairo Days”

“Sorairo Days” follows a day in the life of Kamina, Yoko, and Simon; it starts off with a harsh riff to match the sun rise, lightens up to show them exploring the desert and meeting new friends, and then gets heavy again to show off Gurren Lagann’s impressive fighting skills. Despite its focus on action towards the end, “Sorairo Days” never forsakes the emotional backbone of the series by keeping the soulful voice of Shoko Nakagawa going throughout.

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing – “Just Communication”

I will admit, I’m just a sucker for this one. The opening beats, matched with images of Heero and the Wing Gundam are just too epic to pass up. The song has just enough of an 80s vibe to really cement what makes 90s anime so amazing. It also introduces the majority of the cast without needing exposition. This introduction sets the tone of the show perfectly and gets me pumped every time I watch it. If you’ve never heard or watched this one, then you truly are doing yourself a disservice.

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