8 of the Coolest Swords Ever Seen in a Videogame

A lot of videogames hand you a gun and let you take on the bad guys, but the sword has always been the more elegant weapon. Sure, you can grab a sword in any fantasy RPG, but some swords are so iconic and well known that they rise above all the others. These eight swords are perfect examples of that.

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Blades of Chaos (God of War)

Maybe no sword (or swords, as the case may be) is more recognizable than Kratos’ Blades of Chaos, and why not? How many other characters can boast a pair of swords that burst into flame and can be slung around thanks to the chains attached to their arms? All of the signature moves we think of Kratos performing involve these deadly weapons, and even when he loses the Blades of Chaos, they’re replaced with the near-identical Blades of Athena and Blades of Exile. No matter which version he’s swinging, they’re all equally awesome.

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Soul Edge (Soul Calibur)

An ordinary sword that was converted to a demonic weapon after being bathed in blood and hatred countless times, the Soul Edge was more than just a sword – it was the primary antagonist of the series. You could use the sword as a weapon and gain increased attack power, but there was a price: It constantly sapped your health. It also shifted its form based on the wielder. The Soul Edge can easily be distinguished by its animate eye.

Lilarcor (Baldur’s Gate II)

Two-handed swords aren’t rare, but two-handed swords that talk and are named Lawrence are harder to come by. Lilarcor is exactly that, as well as a +3 weapon that makes it wielder immune to charm and confusion effects. This sword is powerful, useful, and thanks to its constant banter, completely irritating. You can even ask your sword for advice, although he’ll likely just use it as a chance to tell you how bad your swordmanship is.

Energy Sword (Halo 2)

An extremely powerful close-quarters weapon, Halo’s Energy Sword is likely one of the few swords made entirely of energy (except for one that we’ll talk about later). It’s also one of the best close-range weapons in Halo 2. For that reason, many rounds would turn into a race for the sword, and the sound that it made when a player activated it near you was enough to freak you out. One well-placed lunge, and you were out of the fight.

Lightsaber (Jedi Knight series)

Yeah, this is other energy sword that I was talking about. The Jedi Knight games were really where lightsaber combat was at its best. It was nowhere near as over the top as it was portrayed in the Force Unleashed titles, and yet it still the only way you wanted to play the game. Sure, there were blasters, rifles, and other weapons, but you didn’t care about any of them, because you could slice your way through enemy after enemy as semi-Jedi badass Kyle Katarn.

The Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

If you’re looking for a sword that’s grossly unrealistic and impossible to wield, the Buster Sword is your weapon. It’s ridiculously huge, and in real life it would be nearly impossible to lift, much less fight with. But in Final Fantasy VII, none of that mattered. The Buster Sword was wielded (mostly with ease) by scrawny kid having a bad hair day, and it was great. You can see at least one Buster Sword replica at every gaming convention, and several people have made real-life replicas of the thing.

Frostmourne (World of Warcraft)

One of the most iconic weapons in World of Warcraft, Frostmourne was the runeblade that held the disembodied spirit of the Lich King. He used the blade to tempt Arthas, transforming him into the new Lich King. Frostmourne was destroyed when Arthas was defeated in Icecrown Citadel, and a gold replica of the hilt can be seen Dalaran. In the upcoming Legion expansion, Death Knights will search out the shards of Frostmourne to create their new artifact weapons.

The Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)

Yeah, the Master Sword doesn’t look all that special. It’s not that big, it doesn’t have flames rising from it, and it doesn’t look all that intimidating. But in the hands of the right person, it can save the world. Not only does it serve as a weapon, it can help you travel through time, and it’s been around forever. It’s been in almost every Zelda game, and it’s always a huge part of taking down Ganon. It’s also necessary for beating up on chickens.

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