8 of the Creepiest Videogame Easter Eggs and Urban Legends

Everyone loves to find an Easter Egg in their video game. Maybe it’s a beloved character from another franchise or a hidden message from the developers, or maybe it’s something a little creepier. The creepy stuff is what we’re talking about today. These eight Easter eggs are more than just a little disturbing – some of them are downright disturbing.

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Black & White – The Game Knows Your Name

Lionhead Studios’ Black & White casts you as the god ruling over a civilization of islanders. If one of your villagers dies, you’ll hear a pretty creepy voice saying, “Death.” If you’re playing it with headphones on, this will definitely get your attention. But that’s the worst of it. When you set up your game profile, Black & White asks for your name. If you have a common name, like John, Bill, etc., be prepared to hear that same voice whispering your name from time to time, and try not to look behind you when it happens.

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Hitman: Contracts – The Hidden Ghost

Hitman fans will tell you that as long as you can get past of the idea of killing a lot people being disturbing, the games really aren’t that creepy. Well, except that one part in Hitman: Contracts. In the “Traditions of the Trade” mission, Agent 47 heads to a nameless hotel. If you pick the lock, you’ll find yourself in a semi-secret area of the hotel. If you move quickly, you might see something disappear into a wall. Continue down the hall, and you’ll find a room where a murder happened that you didn’t commit. Head inside the bathroom, look in the mirror, and you’ll see a ghost behind you.

Grand Theft Auto 4 – The Statue of Happiness

GTA 4’s Statue of Happiness is exactly like the Statue of Liberty in New York, except for the disturbing grin plastered on its face. Head out to the island, , and on the statue’s base, you’ll see a sign that says “No Hidden Content this way.” Ignore that, and continue on inside. Climb up a ladder, and you’ll find a giant, beating heart. It’s indestructible, and it glows. That doesn’t necessarily make it something supernatural, but it’s definitely a little creepy.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – The Teddy Bear is Watching You

Teddy bears have been found in lots of Call of Duty games. Some give you health, and some just lay around the scenery. But the blood-covered teddy bear found sitting on top of a box in Black Ops 2 is easily the creepiest of them all. You may not have noticed, but that bear moves it head. If you watch closely, you’ll see it look around, then go back to playing dead when it sees you there. I first thought that the bear got splattered with blood by all the gunfire going on around it, but seeing it move opens up all kind of disturbing implications.

Fallout 3 Predicting the Future

If you listened to your Pip-Boy radio in Fallout 3, you know Three Dog. If you kill him off, and then destroy Raven Rock, Galaxy News Radio starts transmitting coded transmissions. These transmissions supposedly feature Three Dog reading off numbers, followed by some Morse code transmissions. Internet translations of these transmissions include predictions of Gary Coleman’s death, a prediction of the death of the Queen of England (the date for which has since passed, and therefore proven false), and most disturbingly, a claim that Britney Spears wins an Oscar. Bethesda says it’s not real, but…who knows.

Herobrine Shows up in Minecraft

Herobrine is a white-eyed version of Minecraft’s protagonist, Steve. He’s said to show up in single-player maps and create random things, like long 2×2 tunnels and sand pyramids. Whole streams have been dedicated to finding him, and stories abound of encounters with the mysterious character. Mojang insists that he’s never been in the game, and that appears to be the case. Of course, there are a number of mods that allow you to insert him into your game, although the consequences of doing so can be dire.

Fable 2’s Weird Cottages

Fable 2 featured optional areas to explore hidden behind stone doors with demon faces carved into them. Two of them are quite disturbing. The first one, called “Winter Lodge,” looks welcoming enough until you walk inside, when it turns into a charnel house of skeletons and torture devices. The second one is even worse, as you enter another cabin, only to find a dead body on a bed surrounded by empty suits of armor. A poem says that these armors were his new friends, and there’s a cave behind the house filled with – you guessed it – even more empty suits of armor. You’d be completely forgiven if you simply turned around and left.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s Ghost of Mount Gordo

If you can make it out to Mount Gordo between 11 PM and midnight in GTA 5, you can see a ghost standing atop a cliff. Get too close, and she’ll disappear, although she’s easily viewable through a sniper scope. It turns out her name is Jolene Cranley-Evans, and some in-game research explains that she was the wife of Jock Cranley, a politician running for governor of San Andreas. She fell to her death accidentally while walking with her husband. Even more disturbing is this: if you head up to where she was standing she’ll disappear, but you can clearly see the word “Jock” written in blood on the rocks. Perhaps her death wasn’t an accident after all.

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