8 of the Funniest Mods for Skyrim

Bethesda authored games, with their construction kits, allowed modders to create some of the most unique and, well, hilarious mods in any modern game. Here are eight of the funniest mods you can play in Skyrim.

Do you know of other silly or funny mods for Skyrim that didn’t make the list? Let us know!

Katamari Dovahkiin
Author – Verteiron

While working on a new mod, user Verteiron discovered the effect this mod gives was found completely by accident. Serving no real purpose, casting the spell causes all NPCs to fly toward you at high speed, gathering in a ball Katamari style. Just remember that, along with any other mod, this mod can cause stability issues should you have it enabled for too long or gather too many characters and will cause a crash to desktop.

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Macho Dragons
Author – FancyPantz

You need a little excitement? Snap into a Slim Jim! YEAH! If this isn’t on a list of one of the best/funniest/awesome mods, it’s not a true list of Skyrim mods. The mod changes the dragon texture and sound files, causing the dragons to look(ish) and sound like Mach Man Randy Savage. If you’re looking for immersive gameplay or simply hate to laugh, don’t bother with this mod. For the rest of us, this is a must have for anyone looking to be a tad silly in their playthrough.

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Explosive Chickens
Author – TheDeann

If you’ve ever seen those clucking egg layers, you know how coveted they are by the NPCs in the villages they wander around in. Simply kicking them (harmless right?) is enough to earn the ire of the locals and have them promptly beat you into submission for harming the feathery bawker. If you want your revenge, this mod’s for you! Go ahead, kill that chicken and enjoy the explosive outcome! BAWK!

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Posh Mudcrabs
Author – Maniczombie

There’s something to be said about being attacked by aristocratic mudcrabs. As the name suggests, this mod adds a tophat and monocle to the mudcrab model giving them a rather posh look as they attack you with their pincers. If you download this mod, be sure to download the companion mod by Tyf-E that gives the crabs a very regal voice. What Ho!

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Skyrim Laugh Track
Author – qptain Nemo

Finding your gameplay boring or simply feel the need to troll yourself? Why not add a laughtrack to failed events such as failing to create a potion or breaking a lockpick? It will sure make it seem like the game really is out to get you!

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Divine Punishment
Author – toaDime

Sure, the joke may have (finally) faded on the internet, no thanks to reddit, but those guards certainly didn’t get the memo and will always let you know exactly why they’re no longer an adventurer like you. This mod strikes them with thunderous fury anytime they so much as mention the word “knee”. It’s a small price to pay to no longer hear that damned quote again.

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Really Useful Dragons
Author – Trainwiz and friends

Don’t let the name fool you, these guys are far from useful… or even dragons. Live your nightmare by having Thomas the Train bring down a fiery apocalypse of train cars and the train whistle of doom!

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Need a mudcrab mod? Why not Zoidberg? For Futurama fans, this is a must download. WhoopWhoopWhoopWhoopWhoopWhoop!

Zoidberg over Crabs [Reincarnation]
Author – Dafini

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