8 of the Funniest Moms on TV

A mother always holds a special place in our hearts and comedy shows always make light of the very things that our dear mothers must endure from us as we grow up. The mothers found on these shows may not be the best role models, but they certainly hit the nail-on-the-head with many jokes that reminded us of our own Moms.

Here are eight of those mothers we found to be some of the funniest mothers on television. If you have your own, be sure to share it with us in the comments section below!

kitty foreman

Kitty Forman – That 70’s Show

Reginald ‘Red’ Forman: You told her about the marriage? We agreed never to speak of this evil to anyone!

Kitty Forman: Well, I had to tell a few people because I never thought I’d be able to say “Laurie got married” without adding “and the baby came early”.

Kitty Forman: There’s nothing like a present wrapped in beautiful paper. It’s like Cary Grant in a tuxedo, I just want to rip it off!

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clair huxtable

Clair Huxtable – The Cosby Show

Clair Hanks Huxtable: You bring yourself into this house right now! And, if you think that 30-minute ride home was something, believe me, honey, we’ve only just begun! Here we think you’re lying in the floor of some burning building dying of asphyxia and you’re down in Baltimore, having BIG FUN! Weren’t you, Vanessa? Isn’t that where you were? Didn’t you go down there to Baltimore to have big fun, Vanessa? Tell me, didn’t you go for big fun?

Vanessa Huxtable: Mom…

Clair Hanks Huxtable: SHUT UP! Don’t you DARE open your mouth when I’m asking you a question! RUDY, GO TO BED!

gloria pritchett

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett – Modern Family

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett: Let me tell you a story. There was this girl who entered a beauty contest. She was nervous because she was very scared that she was going to lose.

Claire Dunphy: Let me guess. You won.

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett: Of course I did. I was talking about my cousin Maria Conchita. She had a nose like a toucan and had to stuff her big body into this little bikini. She came in dead last.

Claire Dunphy: Why are you telling me all this?

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett: The point is, she faced her fear and it didn’t kill her. What killed her was the bus that hit her two weeks later.

vivian banks

Vivian Banks – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Vivian Banks: When Will gets here, be nice. Otherwise, you’re gonna be bunkin’ with Mr. Couch.

Philip Banks: [laughs] Woman, please. Do you honestly believe you can manipulate me with sex?

Vivian Banks: Does James Brown have a perm?

roseanne barr

Roseanne Conner – Roseanne

Darlene: [Becky’s new boyfriend knocks at the door] I’ll get it!

Roseanne Conner: No, Darlene, no! We’re going to embarrass your sister in an orderly fashion.

lois wilkerson

Lois Wilkerson – Malcom in the middle

Lois: [entering the boys’ room] What did you do?

Malcolm: What?

Lois: Don’t give that look. What did you do?

Malcolm: Nothing.

Lois: Well, I suppose you wouldn’t mind if I… took a look in here!
[opens a drawer]

Malcolm: Mom, I’m telling you. we didn’t do anything.

Lois: [notices the curtains are closed] If you’ve broken another window, it’s coming out of your…
[opens curtain]

Reese: Are you done? Wanna frisk me?

Lois: You just consider yourselves lucky.
[leaves then immediately returns, then closes door]

Dewey: [tied up on back of door] That was close.

Malcolm: Either she’s losing her touch, or we’re getting better.


Peggy Bundy – Married with Children

Peggy Bundy: All right, Al. It’s time to do your chores.

Al Bundy: Wait a second, Peg. We just had sex three nights ago. I’m still kind of woozy.

Peggy Bundy: I’m asking you to take out the garbage, Al. The longer of the two jobs.

Al Bundy: And the more rewarding.
[Al picks up the plastic garbage bag and it breaks, spilling garbage all over the floor]

Peggy Bundy: Don’t you even know how to do that?

Al Bundy: Thanks, Peg. Now it’s exactly like sex.

colleen donaghy

Colleen Donaghy – 30 Rock

Colleen Donaghy: I recall this one time, he cried and cried!

Colleen Donaghy: I mean, it was more like wailing. It was awful!

Jack Donaghy: She’s referring to my birth.
[Colleen, sipping on her drink, nods approvingly]

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