8 of the Most Disturbing Moments in Video Games

Everyone has a soft spot for horror games. They can be good or bad, and like the movies, we still watch and play them. Some games do it well, others not so much.

Here are eight games that have some of the most disturbing scenes you’ll find in a video game.

ZombiU – The Nursery

If there’s anything scarier than scenes in horror movies and games with children in them, I haven’t seen it yet. Usually, whatever is brutal enough to slaughter children is going to be one sadistic creature and if those kids turn into zombies, well, now you have one hell of a screwed up situation.

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Condemned: Criminal Origins – Mannequin Room

Anyone who’s ever played a horror game knows that mannequins are always evil and are about to kill you. It’s best to just run like hell from them anytime they’re encountered.

Tomb Raider – Every death scene

In the Tomb Raider reboot, Lara goes from an acrobatic archeologist to one that gets the crap kicked out of her at nearly every turn. The death scenes are equally brutal towards Lady Croft as seen above.

Resident Evil 6 – Head in a fan

Honestly, I expected this to be more gruesome given the franchise it comes from. In this scene, as you fight off one of the many creatures that would like to do brutal things to you and your partner and if you fail to fend it off, you fall into fan blades that begin to slice you and it to bits. The reason I consider this one tame is due to the lack of detail you witness. Sure, there’s blood spewing from the machine like a fountain, but nothing else.

Outlast: Whistleblower – ‘Man Birth’

“WTF” is all I can say about this one. It’s the only thing that ran through my mind when watching this scene.

Dead Space 2 – A needle in the eye

This game was all about horror and thrills. So it’s expected to see a lot of scenes that make you go “oh wtf?!”. In this scene, I had to close my eyes. Any sort of torture that involves the eyes just makes me wince.

Outlast – Finger Removal

Outlast was one messed up game. In one particularly gut-wrenching scene, the protagonist gets restrained in a chair and gets to watch his fingers being clipped off, one by one.

Thief – Moira Asylum

We all know what’s going to happen when you walk into an abandoned asylum and in Thief, you get to venture inside Moira Asylum. The game isn’t a horror game, but they do rather well with this particular level, making it one creepy adventure to undertake.

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