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8 of the Most Evil Fictional Leaders


Today is a special day in the US – Super Tuesday. It’s the day when we decide who will be the President of our nation for the next four years. It’s been a rough time this election season as the political divide hasn’t been this segregated in over 140 years. While each political party praises their candidate and admonishes their opponent, we have to understand that it could be much, much worse.

Let’s look at eight fictional leaders that, if real, would have easily made our current choices look like choosing between bacon or sausage.


Admiral General Aladeen
Source: The Dictator (Movie)

The epitome of Arabic opulence, Admiral General Aladeen is what Kim Jung Un and the [a href=””]Democratic People’s Republic of Korea would be if they were Arabic. As the absolute ruler of his nation the Republic of Wadiya, he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants with whoever he desires. A simple hand gesture is all it takes to execute anyone that mildly annoys him. He had an insatiable appetite for celebrities to have sex with and would take photographs of each one post-coitus and hang them on his wall as a sort of trophy. Given how much he enjoys spending money on relatively useless things, he would crash most economies with hardly any effort.


Philip Blake
Source: The Walking Dead (TV Show)

The self-declared leader of the post-apocalyptic town of Woodbury, Georgia, Philip Blake(i.e.The Governor) ran the town with relatively little effort, even with zombies knocking on their door. Though, like most leaders, he had a few skeletons in his closet. His decisions were absolute, and should you disagree with or disregard his commands led to harsh punishment. He had raiding parties scout the surrounding areas searching for supplies, favoring anything military to help fortify his town from outside invaders, both human and zombie. He would host barbaric games of a type of boxing match with the ring being a ring of zombies around the fighters. Get too close and you’re zombie food. I suppose given the extreme case of the global situation, a person can understand that a leader of this type would be popular with his followers, but as a leader of a country, he would cause far more mayhem than was seen in just his little town.


President Coriolanus Snow
Source: The Hunger Games (Movie Series)

The President of Panem, Coriolanus Snow was a ruthless leader and would use intimidation and abusive actions to retain the status quo. As a native of the Capitol, his view of those who live in the various districts is rather low. To him, they are nothing but a means to an end. Each district is simply a resource for the Capitol’s population to be fed and enjoy every luxury they’ve become accustomed to. As was seen during an uprising in one of the districts, he has no issue obliterating its population to prove a point and be an example to the other districts of what happens when you attempt to cross him.


Darth Sidious
Source: Star Wars (Franchise)

Darth Sidious was the lord of the Sith an incredibly cunning ruler who tricked the goody-goody Jedi Order into believing that the Sith were all destroyed long ago. With a high level of patience and scheming, he planned his takeover of the Old Republic into the formation of the first Galactic Empire with himself as the absolute dictator and shortly thereafter, Emperor. Before becoming the Emperor, Darth Sidious played the role of the perfect politician as Chancellor Palpatine. Using this power, he created a genetically engineered army to suppress a galactic rebellion that he himself started. What many didn’t know was a special order was given to these soldiers called “Order 66” that, once used, instructed the soldiers to eliminate all Jedi from the Galaxy, the only force strong enough to remove him from power.


The White Witch
Source: The Chronicles of Narnia (Franchise)

The White Witch was woman of great magical power. She froze Narnia in a blanket of snow they called the “Hundred Years Winter” to, more or less, show those who live there just who’s in charge. Her weapon of choice was a wand she used to turn anyone that opposed her absolute authority to stone. An arrogant ruler, she sees herself set above all others in all things and views her servants as simply a means to an end. She would rather see a world destroyed than ever submit to anyone.

andrew ryan

Andrew Ryan
Source: Bioshock (Video Game)

A man who basically said “Screw you, I’ll make my own world” to everyone else, and built a large underwater city where he and those like him could do live a life free of the rules found on the surface. With an absolute hatred of all things socialist or religious, he believes that all individuals have the right to live a life without government involvement. Those who use such services on the surface he views as nothing but parasites feasting upon a corrupt system meant to keep them in line with government views.


Source: The Lord of the Rings (Franchise)

This servant of Morgoth wanted nothing more than to have Middle Earth enslaved under his rule. A master of scheming, he created special rings of power to help keep the leaders of each major race in line and serve under his rule. Sauron commands a ruthless army with an inner-circle of former human kings to do his bidding and used them to find his special ring that has a control over the other rings of power, allowing him to dominate the leaders using these rings for their power. He is a prime example of what happens when corruption wins.


Source: H.P. Lovecraft (Literature)

Everyone’s favorite Old God, H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu is evil and destruction incarnate. Just viewing his form is said to drive a person insane. Basically the Chuck Norris of evil beings, Cthulhu just wants to destroy everyone and everything. At least we can say he’s equal-opportunity. He’s not a prejudice creature with anything against anyone specifically, so long as you are living, he wants to kill you. At least he’s straightforward.

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