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8 Pictures of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan Frolicking


Today let’s take a break from the norm and enjoy a little break with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan as they traipse around New York together.

Here you can see the chums as they celebrate the most American of holidays, Thanksgiving. The turkey tastes better when your ancestors didn’t commit genocide for it.

The inseparable pair were on hand to see the tree in Rockefeller Center get plugged in. Sir Patrick Stewart hasn’t seen that many twinkly lights since his time on Star Wars.

Here Magneto and Professor X sit on a kindly old man’s lap to whisper in his ear about presents that they want this year. Don’t assume things, they both wanted peace on Earth … and several more X-Men sequels.

Here Sir Ian and Sir Pat spend time with one of the NYC locals. Many people don’t know this but New York City has quite the furry population.

Here the two British expats being as American as apple pie as they pose in front of one thing that America does best.

Do not fret, they are definitely not looking into someone’s bedroom window. Definitely not doing that.

Here are the dynamic duo as they indulge in some tasty and yet healthy food. They know how to prepare for the theater and that usually includes hot dogs and corn on the cob.

Sir Patrick doesn’t like being left out of the picture so here he is as he’s photobombing his good friend who just want a picture of himself and a large metallic bull.

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