With the release of The Hunger Games and Thanksgiving right around the corner let’s all celebrate both with a short list of things that will solve your games with hunger and help you celebrate the day of giving thanks.

If your Thanksgiving needs a pick-me-up then look no further than Bagel Bites. They’re what the Pilgrims originally had in mind when they invited the Native Americans over for a good November meal.

When you’re at home watching football on Thanksgiving nothing says traditional like Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Your grandparents served them and now it’s your turn.

If you’re the classy type, then this is a must have. You can still call it homemade if you opened the can … right?

Some people opt for lesser known Thanksgiving foods like turkey and stuffing, but there are some things that just eveyone knows about and that’s the Thanksgiving Cheerios. Don’t forget them or you’ll most certainly have a rowdy crowd on your hands.

This is a must have for all of you wonderful people. When you’re sitting down with your family and they have their odd meal just sit back knowing that you’ll celebrate correctly when you get home with a frozen TV dinner.

Tony’s Pizza is named after the man that created the Thanksgiving holiday, Tony. He was one of the lesser known Pilgrims that wasn’t into doing a bunch of dishes after a big meal.

Here’s one more from the canned food group. If you want to celebrate a traditional Italian thanksgiving just pop these open and transport yourself to the wonderful nation of Italy.

Because homemade is a relative term, these frozen beauties will complete any holiday meal. When you’re heating them up just remember that you’re about to become the belle of the ball.

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