8 Relaxing Games for the Holiday Coma

Well, it’s over. You made it through another family gathering and only two relatives ended up in the hospital/prison. Now all of you can get back to the every present, crushing monotony of your everyday lives. But wait, there’s more. Remember all the alcohol it took to get through that mind-numbing dinner with your parents telling you all about your successful cousin Tommy? No? Well, your head does and that’s why you’re reading this through pulsating nerves and salty tears. No need for despair, however, I have the perfect solution for you on this miserable day. Here’s a list of games you can just sit back and enjoy. From beautiful scenery to corpses piled high, these games are sure to satiate your holiday hangover.



First up, Minecraft. Kind of the de facto game for both creativity and relaxation at this point. Something you can enjoy with your kids, spouse, and sometimes, even you in-laws (but let’s not get carried away). The worst you have to worry about here is the occasional Creeper explosion. Then again you could always put the game on peaceful and just enjoy the virtual LEGO land.

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This isn’t so much a game as it is a wind simulator? It’s difficult to explain to the uninitiated but it goes something like this. Control the wind in an effort to pollinate the world and bring color and life back to the gray, destitute window sill in the title screen. I don’t get it either but it sure is pleasant to look at.

stardew valley

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is great, It’s everything great about Harvest Moon but on today’s hardware. Soothing music, on the fly controls, and adorable graphics, this game is the complete relaxation package. That is unless you hate farming and cute animals, in which case, move on.



If peace and tranquility aren’t your things, why not fire up the PS3 and destroy the capital cities across the world. Be sure not to play this in front of any overly patriotic family members, though, they get super wacky about destroying skyscrapers.

eso - skyrim


This level of relaxation for this one will vary depending on which game you’re playing. Not to say the ESO can’t be super relaxing, I’m just saying that one time I drank a lot of wine after Christmas and fell asleep playing Skyrim… I may have a problem.

the vanishing of ethan carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Easily the most atmospheric title on the list. It’s haunting, tantalizing, and above all, relaxing.



Do I really need to tell you why you should be playing this game?

diablo 3

Diablo 3

If you’re tired of playing Rooty Tootie Point & Shooty advanced tootfare then grab the controller, sit back, and prepare to relive the stress of the holidays with a classic. Nothing has ever been quite as relaxing as mowing down thousands of demons and the undead. The best part is, the game can be played rather autonomously. I think you and I both know that with the amount of alcohol you needed to drink during dinner, low brain activity is the preferred method of doing anything today.

So there it is. Have any better suggestions? Let me know down in the comment section and don’t forget to tell me how my opinions are wrong and that I’m a filthy console peasant. I’ll see you next time.

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