8 Ridiculously Expensive Gaming Peripherals that You Still Want

This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

When building a new PC, we’ve all had those moments of looking at the pricey, overpriced items that we wish we could afford for our upcoming battlestation. But say you hit the lottery, and can finally afford those items. What would you buy?

Here’s eight peripherals that are crazy expensive for what they are.

seafarer keyboard

Seafarer keyboard
Price: $1,650

If you enjoy a vintage look for your keyboard then look no further than Datamancer’s Seafarer keyboard. There is nothing on this keyboard that will strike you as modern. The keys themselves are reminiscent of the old typewriter keys and uses brass and wood to define the aesthetic nautical look of the keyboard.

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beyerdynamic headzone home ht surround amplifier with dt880 headphones

Beyerdynamic Headzone Home HT Surround Amplifier With DT880 Headphones
Price: $2,000

Because you’re going to want the very best in sound quality, or pay enough that you hope you get it, Beyerdynamic offers a headset and surround sound amplifier for a pricey $2k. The specs don’t look any better than what’s available for a fraction of the cost but hey, when you have the money, why not spend it?

dell ultrasharp up3218k

Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K
Price: $5,000

The first 8k monitor isn’t cheap. But, if you’re not worried about cash, then Dell’s newest monitor is what you want. Just imagine running games at full 7680×4320 glory on a 32″ screen. Just remember to adjust the UI settings in your OS (if it doesn’t do it automatically) else the taskbar will be microscopic.

simxperience stage 5 motion racing simulator

SimXperience Stage 5 Motion Racing Simulator
Price: $26,000

You’re a fan of racing games but frustrated having to use a small steering wheel, keyboard and mouse or a controller at your desk. It doesn’t give the full immersion you really want. SimXperience’s Stage 5 Motion Racing Simulator puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you as good of an experience as, hopefully, $26,000 will get you.

the worlds most expensive computer mouse

The World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse
Price: $26,050

Did you ever look at your mouse and say to yourself “I really want to bling the f*%k out of my mouse”. Fabstuff thought the same thing and shrouded theirs in 18 caret white gold and set with 59 diamonds.

Because when your friends come over, the first thing anyone does is compare each others’ mouse.

usb key mushrooms

USB Key Mushrooms
Price: $37,000

Mushroom fans everywhere will no doubt want to own one of these rare gemmed bad boys and have it slotted in their PC. Assorted with White and Yellow Gold and a variety of gems that cover the casing, it’s the perfect accessory for your solid gold PC case I’m sure you already own.

emperor 200 workstation

Emperor 200 Workstation
Price: $49,150

Why sit at a desk when your desk can be all around you? That’s what MWE lab thought when they created the Emperor 200 Workstation. It doesn’t come cheap, but if you’d rather have a comfortable battlestation instead of a nice new car, then here you go! It even has a cup holder!

jupiter platinum pc

Jupiter Platinum PC
Price: $746,000

You’ve got three-quarter’s of a million dollars burning in your pocket and wondering what to buy. I nice exotic car? Nah! A new home? Hell no. Why not Zeus’s Jupiter Platinum PC? The case is made of platinum and decorated with diamonds and other gems to increase its value. If you want shiny, Zeus will give you shiny.

It doesn’t appear to be available on their site anymore, but I’m sure if you ask nicely, they’ll be happy to accommodate you for the price they charge.

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