8 Simulators That Don’t Exist, But Should

There’s a Sim game for almost everything, so today we give you eight great ideas for Simulation games. These eight activities are already fun in real life, so simulate away. These ideas are free, developers. You can have them.

Who hasn’t wanted to throw poo? I know that I have, but society tells me that I cannot throw poo. Kick society in the balls with Monkey Simulator, where you can throw poo at whoever you want to. The sky is the limit for shenanigans that you could get up to.

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Are you pining away for an office job? Well then Office Worker Simulator would be right up your alley. If you didn’t know how to use Excel before this, then you’re in luck. Half of this sim would definitely be using spreadsheets and wishing for the day to be over. The other half of the game would be getting coffee and wishing for the day to be over.

The game that we’ve always wanted Mail Delivery Simulator, where you go from door to door delivering mail. It may get exciting every once in a great while, what with dogs and holidays, but mostly it would be the relaxing gameplay of walking door to door with envelopes. Get in the game and get ready for simulated walking, no running.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to work in the lucrative field of Sweatshop Laborer? Well Sweatshop Worker Simulator could be there for you. Imagine sitting at your station for hours upon hours on end, and when your work is finally over for the day you can go back to your very modest dorm. This sounds like all the fun.

Remember when you stood in line for the latest iPhone? Well now you could relive that feeling over and over again with the Queuing Simulator. They would have different levels, from waiting in the grocery store to Soviet toiler paper queuing.

You could simulate that exciting trip to New York City or London, all from the comfort of your couch with Taxi Riding Simulator. After you get into the taxi you get to try and explain to the driver where you wanted to go. This could be even more fun with the zombie DLC.

Because actual dogs are too much actual work there could be the Dog Walking Simulator. Where your job is to walk dogs and pick up dog poo. We all love walking and we all love picking up dog poo, so put those two things together and we’ve got the next game of the year. This game would be even better if it were to include the Kinect.

Eating actual cereal is so 20th century, welcome to the future where you could simulate eating cereal. Actually doing stuff is what your parents and grandparents used to do, you’re young and don’t need to conform to their “rules”. Go against the grain and eat your cereal virtually, with Cereal Eating Simulator you could jump into the next century and take your cereal like your grandchildren.

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