8 Super Annoying Videogame Characters

Just like everyone has a favorite game character, they have a least favorite. You know, the one that always gets on your nerves so badly that you almost don’t want to play the game again. Those characters take center stage today, as we feature annoying game characters. These eight are definitely the ones that you don’t remember so fondly.

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Daxter (Jak and Daxter)

You know that friend you have who thinks that he is really funny, but he isn’t funny in the least? That’s Daxter. He’s half-otter, half-weasel, and all bad jokes. To make matters worse, he’s constantly critiquing how you play the game. Between his snarky comments, his bad jokes, and his horrifically bad pickup lines that he seems to try out on any female nearby, there’s no doubt that Daxter earned his way onto this list.

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Elena Fisher (Uncharted series)

Elena starts out as Nathan Drake’s employer, becomes his sidekick, and eventually his wife. Despite that, she manages to be almost continually annoying, both to the player and to Drake himself. Especially in the first Uncharted game, where she goes from shrill and annoying to needy in the blink of an eye. She talks a good game, but when the lead starts flying, she shoots like a stormtrooper and yells, “NATE!” every eight seconds. As she continually pops up and gets herself into trouble, you can almost sense that even Nate’s getting annoyed with her. She got somewhat better as the series went on, but Drake’s Fortune Elena is ridiculously annoying.

Slippy Toad (Star Fox series)

Slippy Toad is exactly what you wouldn’t expect a talking toad flying a space fighter to be: annoying and kind of useless. Almost every combat he enters turns into a game of “Save Slippy from being blown up again.” While we never see him actually employing his mechanical genius, it must be impressive, because if I had to save Slippy from as many bad situations as Star Fox probably has, I’d have stranded him at a space port somewhere years ago.

Roman Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV)

Niko Bellic came to Liberty City because of the so-called success his cousin Roman had been boasting of. Of course, once Niko arrives, he finds Roman is actually in debt up to his eyeballs, quite possibly because all the guy ever wants to do is go bowling with Niko, or go to lunch with Niko, or go someplace with Niko. To make matters worse, he usually calls while you’re right in the middle of doing something important, like evading a police chase after you stole a cop car or something.

Ashley Graham (Resident Evil 4)

Your main mission in Resident Evil 4 is to rescue Ashley Graham, who is the president’s daughter. Unfortunately, she’s pretty much like every other escort quest you’ve ever done: mostly helpless. She’ll slow you down and quickly frustrate you with her complete disregard for her own safety, as she wanders into hordes of zombies and other enemies. It’s so bad that when she gets recaptured, you’re actually happy about it. I don’t know about you, but I kept waiting for the parasite to take her over, just so I’d have a valid reason to shoot her.

Natalya Simonova (Goldeneye 007)

Natalya is the one annoying bit in the awesomeness that was Goldeneye 007. Not only do you have to find and rescue her multiple time throughout the game, she always seems to have absolutely no regard for her own well-being. The escort mission is by far the worst of these moments. Not only will she constantly run away from you, she’ll do so even if there are waves of gunfire coming at her. Her obvious death wish, and the frustration it caused gamers, guarantees her a spot on this list.

Navi (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Navi is Link’s fairy companion in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; tasked to aid him by the Great Deku Tree. She was the first sidekick character to appear in a Zelda game, and was by far the most annoying thing to ever happen in the series. She’d constantly remind you of where you needed to go, even if another NPC has just told you. She’d try to tell you about everything, over and over again. It was just, “HEY! HEY! LISTEN! HEY LISTEN! WATCH OUT! HEY LISTEN!” constantly repeated in her high-pitched, grating voice. No one who has played Ocarina of Time can ever forget how annoying it was.

That Damn Dog (Duck Hunt)

It was Christmas, 1985. Gamers everywhere were unwrapping their new NES consoles and hooking up the included Zapper light gun. We put in the Duck Hunt cartridge, and came face-to-face with one of the most annoying characters of all time: the dog who was supposed to retrieve your kills. No matter how good you got at the game, no matter how many ducks you killed in a row, as soon as you missed one shot, there was the dog laughing at you. No matter how many times you shot at that dog, you could never take him out.

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