While Bungie takes the Destiny servers offline in preparation for the launch of the Beta for Xbox One owners, let’s take a few moments to ponder about what other mysterious things come from the Moon besides Hive Wizards.


The Hive is an ancient evil race of undead aliens, and one of the factions attempting to crush humanity in Destiny. They’ve been living on the Moon for centuries underneath its surface.

Ever see a lunar eclipse? They also come from the Moon.

In the Marvel universe, the superhuman group known as The Inhumans are known to live on the Moon.

Not to be outdone, DC Comics’ The Justice League also hang out on the Moon.

Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side of the Moon sounds like it came from the Moon. At least, it did when I listened to it.

According to the film Iron Sky, Nazis come from the Moon, which is kind of unusual if you really think about it.


Moon rocks come from the Moon, obviously. Although…

…According to the sci-fi horror film Apollo 18, there are also creepy alien bug spiders mixed in with all the Moon rocks.


Finally, this lovely picture of Earth literally came from the Moon (technically, the Apollo 8 mission that flew around it, but you get the idea). I think I can see my house from here!

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