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8 Thor Comic Covers That Will Have You Pining For Asgard


With the release of Thor: The Dark World we give you a small gallery of some of the best Thor comic book covers through the years.

Originally, this gallery was going to be all old Thor covers. Except, well, how do you explain an autograph to the god of thunder?

There are a lot of covers with both Thor and Beta Ray Bill, but the duo at the head of an army is pure magic.

Thor’s face. Odin’s hat. Too perfect.

Art-intensive collage covers like this are all too rare in comics these days, where a cover doesn’t necessarily sell a book.

Everybody’s ready to fight and Volstagg’s just adjusting his hat over there.

Bearded Thor is so dreamy.

Somebody remind Thor that even without the hammer he’s still a god.

Breaking the fourth wall on the cover because the creator is on vacation. Smooth.

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