8 TV Shows That Deserve a Reboot

Just as anything else in the world, television shows must come to an end at some point. Sometimes they end with grace and dignity, and others are canceled far before they had a chance to show their potential. Here are our top eight shows we would love to see make a return on our televisions.


Married with Children

Any fan of this show will have a bitter memory of how it ended. For those that don’t know, the execs at Fox decided to cancel the show after shifting the time-slot around a bit and wondered why the ratings went down. Who knew that if you take a show and shift the time it airs several times to the point that enough people won’t know when it really aired and the ratings would go down? Fox is notorious for doing this to shows it’s trying to get rid of. *cough* Family Guy *cough*

Suffice to say the show was comedy gold. While there are times that the show arguably jumped the shark with drastic changes (new husband for the neighbor, new kid in the mix), it still provided enough laughs while it aired. It would be great to see a return with Christina Applegate’s character (Kelly Bundy) as the new star of the show with her own family and bud, still struggling to find a woman that will tolerate him, living in her basement and the parents showing up as the grumpy old couple that everyone enjoys watching bicker.

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twilight zone

Twilight Zone

It’s an annual tradition to watch the show on New Year’s Day. The Twilight Zone had a reboot in the mid 80’s but it was rather awful. The series deserves a decent reboot with a good director. My personal favorite would be the Coen Brothers who made twisted films such as Fargo and The Big Lebowski.

the west wing

The West Wing

With the newly elected President, The West Wing could be a bastion for those who wished to escape from the reality of what the next four years will be like. While it’s true that Aaron Sorkin pledged never to write again, we hope that maybe, just maybe, he’ll want to write just a few more seasons to get us through it all.


Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt was an HBO show that ran in the early 90’s and would run episodes based on the original comic book. Due to the relaxed rules that a premium television channel has regarding censorship, the episodes could air without fear from its content being restricted in any way.

While it was sometimes rather cheesy with the humor, there are plenty of folks who direct nowadays with a level of sadistic humor that made Tales from the Crypt so good. Given the type of show that Tales from the Crypt was, I feel Rob Zombie would be great to direct the reboot for this one.



Sliders has been gone for quite some time now, but when I was a nerdy youngling, this was my favorite show to watch. The end of the series ended on a cliffhanger already making an easy transition into a reboot. Hopefully, this time Fox isn’t in charge of it as the last time they messed with the show they shuffled episodes in seasons one and two for “ratings” reasons causing story-line issues. Christopher Nolan would be my choice to bring back this series. With a list of movies such as Inception and Interstellar under his belt, he’s no stranger to science fiction.

star trek

Star Trek

Okay, I know, it already has a reboot on the silver screen. But the Star Trek universe was always better as a TV series. The show wasn’t as action packed as it’s Jedi inhabited other universe, but the story-lines that were told, while very fictional in their own way, seem to hit closer to reality and be something we can relate to.



Firefly was such a great show that only after one season in 2002, it developed a cult following like no other. The show was a mixture of Star Trek and Star Wars with a wild west theme to it. The characters were relatable and the humor was spot on. While they did produce the film Serenity to officially “end” the series. It doesn’t need to end. That’s the great part about science fiction shows that are focused on space travel, there are endless amounts of planets and places to visit and experience. Joss Whedon just needs to say “screw it” and bring it back!


Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mystery Science Theater 3000 had a very silly plot. An evil doctor ships a guy to a space station and forces him to watch cheesy old movies. To find some sort of comfort and peace of mind, he builds robots to watch these movies with him. Crow, Tom Servo, Gypsy and Cambot are filled with wisecracks and sarcasm as they watch the movies with their creator “Frank” (Frank Conniff). The show lasted for 11 seasons, giving it an incredible run for the content it provided. It showed that people just love watching the crew watch and comment on these films.

There was even a Kickstarter campaign with a total amount pledged of over $5 million to bring back the beloved show. They won and we’ll see 14 new episodes on Netflix in 2017!

But, it needs to be brought back for more than just one season. The show is just too funny to only be around for 14 more episodes!

Of course, this is all a matter of opinion and would love to hear the shows you want to see make a return. Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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