LEGO bricks and video games are a match made in geek heaven, that’s why I’m shining a spotlight on all the very best official and custom sets created specifically based on video game properties.

There aren’t that many official video game LEGO sets out there, so custom creators have stepped in to fill in the blanks. There’s a lot of amazingly creative stuff floating around in the world, and I want to focus on stuff that’s available for the consumer — everything on this list was, at one point, up for sale. Let’s dive into the brick bin, boys and girls.


Minecraft – The Mountain Cave [Official]

Minecraft and LEGO are such an obvious pairing, it’s insane it took so long before official sets were rolled out. We’ve seen a slow trickle of Minecraft themed sets and accessories over the years, but nothing compares to this massive masterpiece of old-school design.

The Mountain Cave is all about exploration, and even comes with a few game-specific features fans of Minecraft can dread in this LEGO brick form. There are several points of “Creeper” damage, areas you can break to simulate the destruction brought by those annoying green hissing creeps. It’s hard to describe it all, I mean, just look at how huge it is! There’s a minecart to ride and a cave interior under all that snow-capped mountain! Even if you’re not into Minecraft, this is a beauty.

Find this set listed on the official LEGO store website right here.


Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire – The Outrider [Custom]

From Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire comes this cutaway custom ship that uses more than a little creative license to create a minifigure scale interior of the Outrider, the ship piloted by Dash Rendar in the N64 classic.

Dash, and the Outrider itself, look shockingly similar to their inspirations — Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon, but this set is a wholly unique custom creation. It features a cockpit, an engine room, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 gaming tables, 2 escape pods, and 8 included minifigures. It features some incredibly detailed interiors designed perfectly for posing your tiny minifigs.

Find the sold listing for this creative custom set right here.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – The Rogue Shadow [Official]

Before The Force Awakens, there was a little game called The Force Unleashed. While it wasn’t exactly without its flaws, it did spawn a LEGO set you might now know about. The cool, stealth Star Wars ship, the Rogue Shadow, included the game’s protagonist, Star Killer, and a battle-damaged Darth Vader, representing his ruined armor from the game’s final battle. Not bad, right?

This wasn’t the only “Expanded Universe” Star Wars set either. There was a short run of The Old Republic MMO sets, pitting those bucket-headed Sith soldiers against old-fashioned Republic Troopers. It was hard to choose, but I didn’t want to fill this whole list with Star Wars, so for the official entry, I’m sticking with the underdog.

Check out the Rogue Shadow available from various sellers on Bricklink.


Undertale – Lesser Dog [Custom]

Here’s an indie mosaic blast of clever LEGO brick artwork for you. The instantly-endearing Lesser Dog of Undertale fame is perfectly captured in this brick creation, perfect for hanging in your house if you’re a complete Undertale freak — and you know who you are.

The entire set matches up with the in-game pixels pretty much perfectly. The set (at the time of publishing) goes for $425.00 Buy It Now, and starting at the low, low price of $300.00 if you’re going to bid. For a Lesser Dog, that’s a huge stack of cash.

Check out the Ebay auction right here.


LEGO Batman 2 – Superman Vs. Power Armor Lex [Official]

This might just look like your regular, run-of-the-mill Superman v. Lex Luthor set (which also includes Wonder Woman) — but you’d be totally wrong. Power Armor Lex is actually the final form of the last boss in LEGO Batman 2, even if the set doesn’t advertise that fact anywhere at all.

At the end of that game, Batman faces off against an unstoppable Luthor, and swallowing his pride decides to call in the Justice League for help. Before The Lego Batman Movie, Batman was learning LEGO life lessons with Superman and Robin while battling Luthor and the Joker. Did The Lego Batman Movie actually crib Batman’s arc from LEGO Batman 2?

That’s too strange for me to fathom, so here’s a link to the official set available for resale over on Bricklink.


Mario – 30″ Sculpture [Custom]

Mario is Mr. Video Game for good reason — he’s the first thing that pops in your head when you think of “video games” — Mario is just that iconic. So it only makes sense to toss this nearly three foot custom Mario statue onto the list.

Ridiculously detailed, and weighing in around 15-20 pounds, this behemoth will cost fans a cool $1,995.00 to purchase. It’s shipped complete, and glued together with acetone, but this is still a “set” in the loosest terms. It’s a weird, wooly creation, and I don’t know what kind of person would willingly fork over that much dough for a LEGO Mario statue, but I’m in no position to judge.

Check out the Ebay listing for the 30″ Mario sculpture right here.


Prince of Persia – Quest Against Time [Official]

This entry might be a tiny, itty-bitty cheat, but I’m still counting this as a video game related set. Yes, Prince of Persia set is based on the 2010 film, but it all takes inspiration from the classic Prince of Persia video game series, and this particular set matches up with the video game better than any.

In the “Quest Againt Time”, there are pillars to hop across and traps to avoid, including a giant buzzsaw! That’s a clear reference to the original series, where the dungeons beneath the palace were lousy with giant buzzsaw traps, and seeing them in LEGO form warms my cold, dead heart.

Check out the listing for this out-of-print set on Bricklink.


Final Fantasy – Black Mage [Custom]

The last item on our list is this adorable pixel-perfect 3D statue of Black Mage of Final Fantasy fame. If you’re an early 00’s kid, you might have some positive memories of 8-Bit Theater, starring our current subject the Black Mage, which is why this particular trinket gets the spotlight.

The same seller also created White Mage, Mega Man, and Link — all 8-bit, all 3D, and all impressively realized with very tiny LEGO bricks.

Check out the (sold) listings for Black Mage on Ebay here.


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