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8 Videogames That Would Make Great TV Shows


Videogame movies are nothing new. We’ve seen games adapted to the big screen on multiple occasions. What’s more rare is games being adapted to the smaller screen of TV, except in animated form. What we’d love to see are serious shows, like Game of Thrones, based around videogames. These eight games would be great candidates for the treatment.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Adam Jensen’s augmented adventures could make for great TV. Each week, he finds himself walking the line between protecting the interests of the Sarif Corporation and trying to fight for the rights of augmented people everywhere. Part corporate drama, part superhero show. It would be expensive to make because of the special effects involved, but I think it would be great TV.

Red Dead Redemption

Pretty much everyone who ever played Red Dead Redemption loved it, and I think that game would translate well to TV. A serial western in the style of classics like Gunsmoke or The Rifleman, Red Dead Redemption would star John Marston trying to settle down away from the outlaw life he used to lead, but always being pulled into one more scheme, either because the government drags him in, or he’s trying to do the right thing. If the show could match the great writing of the game, it could be a hit.

Rainbow Six

Your first thought here should be: “How in the world would a game about shooting bad guys make a compelling TV show?” But when you think about what Rainbow actually is – an international counter-terrorist organization – it starts to make sense. Think of it as 24, only on a global scale. You could have the politics involved in any sort of large organization like this (and governments around the world), the action of the terrorist takedowns, and the more human stories of the soldiers who make up the team. There’s actually a lot of potential here.


This is a lot more likely now, what with the Warcraft movie finally becoming a reality, but it still needs to be said: Warcraft would make a great TV show. You’re got a ton of deep lore, strong main characters, an engrossing world, and plenty of conflict to hold the audience’s attention. Not only would the stories be compelling, but the varied landscapes, flora, and fauna would be a joy to see on the screen. Just don’t try to make it a tie-in for game events, Blizzard.

The Legacy of Kain

Everybody loves vampires, right? Well, how about time-traveling, evolving, conquering vampires? The Legacy of Kain story is chock-full of great characters, compelling conflicts, and a world held in the balance between them. We could watch as Kain was murdered and brought back to life as a vampire, then we could see his rise to power, his circle of vampires, and even the ongoing conflict between Kain and Raziel. It’s an ongoing tale of the struggle for free will, and that’s always compelling.

The Elder Scrolls

When you think about Game of Thrones, you can’t help but wonder what a TV show based on Bethesda’s massive RPG series could look like. Telling the tale of Tamriel would be a daunting task in its own right, but the world has so much to offer that it would definitely be worth the effort. Conflicts between countries, out-of-control monsters, exotic races, and wandering cultists would be just a few of the things that could keep the show exciting.


We’ve seen a few fan-made shorts that show off just how great a Fallout TV series could be. Not only could you have the dynamics of people crammed into an underground vault together, but you could also showcase the fear of the unknown that results from them emerging from the vault years later. The show could feature the years when the vault residents are just beginning to emerge into the wasteland. With a focus on one vault, we could see the difference in the society of the vault versus that of the wasteland, and how interactions differ between the two.

LA Noire

Cop shows always do well, and one with a strong character like Cole Phelps even more so. The show could stick with the game’s penchant for famous cases, and it could even move Phelps into other locations or agencies to access more famous cases. A historical perspective on famous cases and criminals could make for a very fun show, and moving the main character around could allow for a number of different types of cases and perspectives. Sure, there are plenty of cop shows on TV, but there are very few that are not set in modern times.

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