With the triumphant release of the PlayStation 4 we give you a gallery of some of the most inventive case mods for the PlayStation.

Because if it’s one thing that the PS3 does is bring you back to the simpler Victorian times.

If you want a PS3 that will attack you when you least expect it then jump into a pile of hay then this is the case mod for you.

The days of losing your PlayStation in the dark are over after they successfully crossbred a PS One and a jellyfish.

Nothing says safe fun like a bloody PlayStation. Don’t worry, we’re pretty positive that it isn’t real blood.

Because your laptop can’t play Uncharted.

Instead of carrying a briefcase full of real guns, carry this briefcase full of virtual ones.

Nothing much like a scale model of Las Vegas for an extra special time of shooting.

Make sure that this doesn’t leap onto your face and impregnate you with a PS2.

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