8 World of Warcraft Mods to Help You Level in Legion

Legion, the latest expansion for the twelve-year-old MMO World of Warcraft seems like a small expansion, given the areas to quest in are an archipelago near the center of the Maelstrom of Azeroth. It seems rather small given previous expansions have given us entire worlds to explore. But leave it to Blizzard to ensure that big things come in small packages, and in this case, there are tons of new content to work on. From completing storyline quests to world quests to simply searching the islands for treasure chests and other goodies, Legion has a plethora of new content for a person to level up with, or simply fulfill their completionist desires.

Here are eight mods that should help you with your OCD needs of completing everything in every zone. If you know of any others, please comment and let us know!

I would also like to add that Legion has just been released and numerous mods may still be a little buggy. It happens with every expansion, just give it time and ensure you update often!


World Quests List

World Quest List is a useful little addon once you reach level 110 and World Quests are unlocked. Instead of scanning each zone, zooming in and out between the regions, it simply lists them all in a window next to your quest window, showing the quest name, the reward, and the faction. It helps you pick and choose which quests you want to prioritize first and move from there.

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Handynotes_LegionRares & Treasures

Handynotes lives up to its name as a useful tool that tracks all sorts of objects and missions. It’s also useful for creating your own markers using its built-in tools to allow you to add content to your database for future use. In this case, it has all of the treasure chests and rare creatures marked on the map so you know exactly where to go and not waste time wandering in the wilderness.


Deadly Boss Mods
GTFO Source

If you have ever entered a dungeon or raid then you know of Deadly Boss Mods. DBM inspired quite a few additions to dungeons and raids to assist with the mechanics of bosses that have special methods of taking them down. However, nothing beats the best and it’s still pretty much a standard anytime you walk through the dungeon or raid portals with others. They remind you when to move and when to dodge the bad stuff.

Also worth mentioning as a supplemental to Deadly Boss Mods is the aptly named GTFO. All it does is sound off an incredibly annoying noise to inform you that you’re standing somewhere you shouldn’t and won’t stop until you leave. It’s sort of like your alarm clock, you’ll hate it but know just how much it’s necessary when it’s on.


Dugi Questing Essential

TheDugi Questing mod is a collection of all sorts of goodies for your questing needs. From a gear advisor to map marking, anything to do with quest progression can be handled with this addon. It certainly helps with leveling up your character or alt.



Of course, we can’t forget about your class hall missions. GarrisonCommander was originally designed for the Garrison missions in Warlords of Draenor and adapted for use in Legion to keep on providing suggested choices to run your missions most efficiently. It pre-selects your champions and army to best suit the individual mission and ensure you always succeed.


Overachiever – achievement tools and tweaks

Achievement tracking in Blizzard’s UI is, well, limited. Overachiever expands by including all of the details you would have normally asked about on the battle.net forums or just happened to be curious about.



Sometimes just letting it be handled automatically is just easier. AutoTurnIn handles the tedious work of auto-selling your gray gear, auto-selecting the best item or most valuable from quest rewards and a few social functions like auto-accepting invitation requests. It’s fully customizable to suit your needs making it even more desirable.



Gatherer has been the standard mod for gathering professions since the original game was released. Gatherer uses a social database that is updated with new locations every time someone on your friend’s list or guild is using the mod and discovers a location that wasn’t previously listed. So the more your friends and guildmates work on their gathering, the bigger your database will be. You can also download a rather large database that contains every location that’s ever been discovered by those using the mod should you just want to know every location instead of keeping track of it yourself.

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