Every Wednesday, we get another installment of video game reviews from our favorite fast-talking Brit-turned-Aussie-turned-American, Yahtzee Croshaw. The Zero Punctuation series recently passed its five hundredth episode, but if you just started tuning in lately, you may have missed some great moments. Here are eight of Yahtzee’s videos you really should watch.

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Fallout 3

Yahtzee dives into the wasteland, but loses interest after he steals basically everything that’s not nailed down.

Metal Gear Solid 4

Even Yahtzee can’t explain just exactly what’s going in Metal Gear Solid, although he tries like hell.


After being affected by cosmic rays, Yahtzee reviews Oblivion, with the expected results.


Yahtzee explains why Spore couldn’t live up to the legacy of The Sims.

Red Dead Redemption

Yahtzee not only renames Red Dead Redemption several times, he explains why he likes mountain lions so much.


Yahtzee dives into a Lego representation of New Zealand, piles some dirt, and builds a freaking skull fortress.


Yahtzee explains why Painkiller is not only awesome, but can “kick the ass of most big name mainstream titles and have them for breakfast afterwards.”

Saints Row 2

Yahtzee explains how Saints Row 2 came close to being the game he’d been dreaming about for years, and why it’s better than Grand Theft Auto 4.


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