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9 Hilarious Photoshops of TIME’s Oculus Cover


The internet is a funny place. It can turn photos into memes almost instantly, and yesterday’s cover of TIME Magazine is no exception. It featured Oculus inventor Palmer Luckey wearing the VR headset, and apparently jumping on a beach, or something. Almost instantly, people began placing the photo into funnier contexts, and we didn’t want to miss out on the action. So without further ado, here are our nine photoshops of the TIME VR cover.

Did you photoshop the cover? Show us yours in the comments!


Going LEGO Jurassic World

I mean, why not ride a dinosaur?


Palmer Luckey Catches the Snitch

Is it even legal to wear a VR Headset in a Quidditch match? I’m asking for a friend.


Sorry Mr. Luckey, we still hate underwater levels

Not even VR can make those levels bearable.


MTV Music Award

I remember this awards show, but then again, I’m fairly old.


Running With the VR Bulls

I feel like this might not be the best place to try out VR tech.


The Neverending Story of VR

Everyone wants to ride Falcor the luck dragon, right?


Dawn of the VR Planet of the Apes

You have to wonder what he’s watching in VR that’s more distracting than all those apes.


Space Jam in VR

VR will let you be in Space Jam!



In space VR, no one can hear you virtually scream.

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