A Tale of Three Heroes, Part 1: Foreshadow of Champion

Author: Jack Daniels

The man who became the Famous Foreshadow could have been anyone. The fact that the somewhat new entity known as Foreshadow remembers nothing of his personal life reminds him of this fact every day. He does not remember how he knows how to do what he does, nor why he even does it. He exists only to do, and in so doing, learn more about what he has become, and perhaps, if the opportunity presents itself, learn about who he was. On his Super-Hero Registration Card, he is classified as a Science origin Controller. Scientific analysis has shown that his abilities were in fact artificially placed. Whether or not this was of his own will, is again, like everything else, up to question.

Flying high above Steel Canyon, Foreshadow feels the currents of the movements of molecular vibrations within the air. This is what grants him flight, pseudo-control over gravity and the manipulation of air currents into protective fields. This unique perception allows him to see beyond what others can, and hence the name, Foreshadow. Steel Canyon was being its usual self, bustling with business, crime, greatly evil acts, greatly good acts and so on and so on. He could see Heroes battling criminals beneath him, Villains battling each other in the streets, and occasionally, something even more sinister. Tonight Foreshadow was looking in particular for something sinister. Early in his heroic career, the sheer volumes of information his senses carried to him would push his capacity to organize, indeed, his awakening consisted more of insanity than anything else. As he learned control, he learned to focus his senses onto particular areas, instead of letting the world crush him. At times like these however, he needed to see as much as possible.

Having recently been tipped off about unique scientific experiments by mysterious groupings, Foreshadow was taking this opportunity to see if his suspicions about this were true, and if it led to any insight whatsoever as to how he came to be. There. A hero in trouble. Perceiving a fallen hero with a broken Hospital teleport 400 yards away, Foreshadow stealthily flew to the area wary for any watchers or ambushes which might come from this evidently dangerous foe. The hero was being kidnapped, another pique to his suspicions. Foreshadow held little sympathy for this hero, no doubt he would be replaced by another within due time, but for the time being, he served his needs. There were few other heroes Foreshadow sympathized with, or even got along with, and those were the select few who had an inkling of what this broken mind consisted of.

The kidnappers were making no secret of their getaway, and several heroes jumped into the fight to try to stop the rampage. The typical hero patrolling Steel Canyon however, was seemingly impotent to the technology and capabilities of this enemy. This then rounded down possibilities. Crey Technologies had the capacity to attempt something like this, as well as the record to show it wasn’t averse from it. The Rikti were also an option with their level of technology and their particular interest in heroes, even if this was a bit brash for them. But then again, it could be anyone. This, Foreshadow planned to change. The armored car carrying the hero was making its way to the sewer network entrance. Could it be the Lost? It seemed doubtful. This group was too organized to be the mutated horde. Breaking through lines of nearby heroes and Paragon Security forces in a bang-up reaction to the threat, the car slammed into the wire-link fence right by the sewer entrance. Here some of the kidnappers made a stand to cover the others carrying the possibly doomed hero into the sewers.

It was in this moment that Foreshadow took his choices actively into hand. Calculating that the most efficient course of action would be to let the forces around him fight it out while he followed the kidnapped hero, he dove into the fray. Flying through the line of mysteriously powerful fighters within a protective field, he attracted enough fire to allow the other forces a chance to move in gaining an upper hand. He didn’t stop to help however, focusing his senses entirely onto his target area. North. Boomtown. They were using the sewers to bypass the hazard gate. With the mess that Boomtown is, it would be nigh impossible to get another chance like this. All this speculation of course, never went through his mind in the single-minded objective he sought tonight.

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