Fury Abilities Exposé Series

Abilities Exposé #15



Picking a class in most MMOs is a difficult decision. In choosing a class you effectively make a decision about what role you’d like to play. From this point on you’re left at the discretion of the development team as to how they envision the class’s gameplay, role and balance. Hopefully their vision and balance align with yours. If it doesn’t, it may be time to re-roll or even time for a new game.

Fury breaks the class mold entirely. In Fury, you are able to learn abilities from each of the four schools and eight disciplines. You are then given the freedom to create templates consisting of any of the abilities your avatar has learned. You aren’t tied to the developer’s vision of a ‘tank’, ‘healer’ or ‘hybrid’. You define your own vision, your own path, your own Incarnation.

All abilities in Fury are associated with one of the four schools and eight disciplines. The abilities from each school are focused on one primary element and two secondary elements. The four elements are Water, Nature, Fire, and Air.

The following are a few examples from Fury’s 400+ distinct abilities.

image Name: Rejuvenation
Element: Nature
School: Life
Discipline: Healer
Charges: Generation
Effects Category: Heal Over Time
Target Type: Single
Description: A Nature aligned ability that heals a moderate amount of damage over time.
Tip: Cast this just before you or your friendly target enters battle. The constant ticks of healing provide mitigation against the first few attacks faced, during which time you can freely continue using any other abilities. Try and get in the habit of reapplying as soon as it runs out.
image Name: Resurrection
Element: Water
School: Life
Discipline: Healer
Charges: Consumption
Effects Category: Rez
Target Type: Single
Description: Resurrects any ally.
Tip: Although the long cast time makes this a risky move in the heat of battle, if you can manage it, a resurrected ally is much more useful than a dead one. Just remember that they will need healing and rebuffing to get back to full effectiveness.
image Name: Static Slam
Element: Air
School: Decay
Discipline: Overlord
Charges: Consumption
Effects Category: Damage – stun
Target Type: Single
Description: A physical attack that deals heavy Air damage and stuns the target. Targets are less likely to succumb to disruption effects the more often they are used.
Tip: A stunned opponent cannot move and does not do any damage nor healing. Use this opportunity to get to a powerup, cast an ability with a long cast time or just to get a few free hits in.
image Name: Chainfire
Element: Fire
School: Death
Discipline: Destroyer
Charges: Generation
Effects Category: Damage – Debuff
Target Type: Arc
Description: A physical attack that deals moderate Fire damage and Torments all enemies in the area in front of the user. Enemies afflicted with this Torment will suffer increased damage from attacks.
Tip: A must for any ‘Tank’ build, this multiple opponent debuff makes everyone else on your team hit harder against those affected. Positioning and timing are key to effective use of this ability, so skillful use of this ability may turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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