Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Looks Totally Insane


Just how do you hunt vampires? Apparently all you need is a stovepipe hat and a big honking axe.

While Seth Grahame-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies may be languishing in Film Development Hell, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has managed to glide through the movie-making process with hardly a problem. That’s probably due to the fact that Tim Burton is producing it and Timur Bekmambetov (of Wanted and Nightwatch fame) is directing. Up until now, not much has been seen of the film, but its first trailer has just appeared on the Web and it looks about as crazy ridiculous as you’d probably expect a movie about a president who moonlights as a vampire hunter would be.

Since this is a teaser trailer, we’re not given a whole lot of plot to go with. Instead, there are a lot of over-the-top action sequences on display. “Just how over the top?” you might find yourself asking. Well, there’s a bit where Dominic West is apparently battling a vampire in the midst of what looks like a horse stampede at sunset.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter tells the story of America’s 16th president, based on “secret diaries” that document his campaign against the Children of the Night. In the book, he hangs out with Edgar Allen Poe, though it looks like that friendship may have been omitted for the film adaptation. That said, Rufus Sewell is going to play Adam, the lead vampire villain, and Alan Tudyk will portray Illinois statesman Stephen A. Douglas, who earned the real life nickname of “Little Giant” because was such a political powerhouse.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is due out in theaters on June 22nd.

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