Activision Deal: Buy Guitar Hero 5, Get GH: Van Halen Free


Activision is offering Guitar Hero fans a pretty solid deal: Buy Guitar Hero 5 and get a copy of the upcoming Guitar Hero: Van Halen absolutely free.

There are those who think that the air might be going out of the music game balloon, so Activision has decided to pump it up with an offer that fans of the genre will find awfully hard to refuse. Pre-order Guitar Hero 5, or buy one of the specially-marked copies of the game after it hits the shelves on September 1, and get a mail-in coupon for a copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen at no charge and, if you get to it quickly enough, long before it hits the stores in late December.

I can’t decide if this seriously undervalues Guitar Hero: Van Halen (although the track list is, in my ever-so-humble opinion, pretty far from compelling) or if Activision is honestly concerned that Guitar Hero 5 may stumble out of the gate. Whatever the case, it’s a deal that anyone considering the purchase of either game would be crazy to pass up: 100 bucks for the Guitar Hero 5 guitar kit and GH: Van Halen is a pretty sweet package no matter how you look at it. Full details and, of course, the obligatory pre-order link are available at

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