In the least-shocking news of the day, the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 is out in the wild.

Modern Warfare 3, which we can probably already declare the biggest game of the year, doesn’t come out until November 8. The observant among you will notice that today is not November 8. Yet the PC version of the game is already making the file-sharing rounds – or at least part of it is.

An employee at a shipping warehouse in California was able to make off with the second disc of the two-disc game and although it’s not clear what can be done with it, if anything, it has apparently spread quickly since the theft. Activision is responding to the situation with great vengeance and furious anger, “knocking on doors around the country” and giving people the opportunity to turn over and delete the game before something bad happens.

Something bad like, say, a $5000 fine, according to one Craigslist poster who warned people meddling with the pirated version of the game that “they will come get you.” The poster claimed that Activision is leveling the fine as well as a permanent ban from online playing, adding, “I already went through it.”

Source: VentureBeat

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