Activision Isn’t Planning Any PS3 Bundles for Modern Warfare 2


With the Modern Warfare 2 250GB Xbox 360 bundle tantalizing gamers who have yet to buy Microsoft’s entrant in the console wars, it’s surprising to hear that Activision is planning no such bundle for Sony’s PS3.

Yesterday, we got a look at the nifty Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 bundle, with two controllers, a headset, a copy of the game (of course), and a sleek black MW2-styled 360 with a whopping 250GB hard drive. It’s admittedly pretty cool – and probably cheaper than buying an Elite, an extra controller, and the game separately, too.

It’d make sense to have Activision planning a similar bundle for the PlayStation 3, wouldn’t it? But apparently, it’s not in the cards – an Activision rep told VG247 when asked: “No, there are no plans, but thank you for asking.” That doesn’t leave much room for error, there.

Still, all is not lost for you Sony hopefuls out there – there are plenty of rumors about impending PS3 bundles this holiday season as well, including Uncharted 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, and Tekken 6. But sadly, if you don’t have a next-generation system and want to get one for Modern Warfare 2, your choices are to either get the 360 bundle, or to buy the game and console separately. Oh well.

Bobby Kotick must still be mad at them.

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