Ever wondered what the FarmVille phenomenon is all about? Some guy on YouTube explains it perfectly.

YouTube person Tobuscus has released a parody FarmVille advertisement that perfectly relates my own feelings for the life-stealing Facebook game. Anyone struggling with a farming addiction should get a chuckle out of it.

FarmVille, and other games developed by Zynga, have gotten a bad rap in the past. This is probably because Zynga’s CEO admitted he turned a blind eye to scumbag offers attached to his games to make some bread. These have since been removed, but scumbag offers or not, FarmVille has always been the same terrible game that makes you want to play it anyway.

I’ll admit it, the whole reason I made this post was because I hate FarmVille and I want anyone that plays it to feel bad. This is a part of my personality that I realize I need to work on. FarmVille is not inherently evil. It does not take candy from babies, it doesn’t throw puppies into woodchippers, and it doesn’t rip the wings off of penguins. It’s just very simple, and probably enjoyed by millions of people who want to play a simple game.

This video says it all; the typical non-gamer demographic of middle-aged female Facebook users is one group having plenty of fun obsessing over FarmVille. Lots of other people, including myself for about a month, like to level up their characters RPG-style so they can add more phat lootz to their farms. The aspect of social interaction is another draw, as FarmVille players can visit other farms and futz around on them. For gamers, FarmVille is a huge pile of crap, because we have stuff to play like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Uncharted 2. For non-gamers that don’t want to spend ungodly amounts of money on videogames, FarmVille works just fine.

So no, FarmVille is not a good game, but I’m fine with people playing it. What’s the difference between clicking on a farm over and over in FarmVille and clicking on skeletons over and over in Diablo? Clicking on skeletons is fun, that’s what, but there are probably plenty of people who think the opposite, and it’s okay that they exist.

And, to my neighbors, please stop sending me gifts. I’ve moved away, and I’m not coming back. I almost played FishVille, but no, just no.

(Via: CVG)

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