I’m excited to announce the launch of a new slate of content for our site, called EXP. EXP, which is short “Escapist Extras Program”, is a new channel on The Escapist where a hand-picked group of content producers are going to present their shows to our audience. Starting today, you’ll see EXP on the bottom of our home page, linked on our video tab, and featured daily up in the carousel.

We’re premiering EXP with content from our first program partners, our friends over at ScrewAttack. Craig over at Screw Attack shares: “We’re excited to be working with the Escapist! As longtime online friends it’s about time we got together and EXP seems like a great fit. We think this will be a perfect opportunity for a new audience to be exposed to the quality content ScrewAttack has been known for producing the last seven years.”

From now on you’ll be able to get a rotating mix of ScrewAttack shows here in the EXP channel, including episodes of Video Game Vault, ScrewAttack Top 10, The Best EVER!, Real Trailers, DEATH BATTLE! and Hard News.

We’re currently in the process of inviting a select number of other gaming video creators and personalities to join EXP. If you have a favorite game-related video producer, game reviewer, YouTube personality, or other creator you want to recommend we talk to, please let us know in the forums.

I hope everyone enjoys seeing ScrewAttack and other content partners in EXP as we grow the channel.

Alexander Macris is co-founder and publisher of The Escapist, and has also written two tabletop wargames, conceived and edited the book “MMORPGs for Dummies,” and designed the award-winning web game “Heroes Mini.” After hours, he serves as president of Triangle Game Initiative, the Raleigh-Durham area’s game industry association, and runs a weekly tabletop roleplaying game campaign of concentrated awesomeness.

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