Adventure Time Miniseries Reveals What Happened to The Humans


Adventure Time: Islands is an eight-part miniseries that delves into Finn’s past and ancestry.

One of the biggest questions that Adventure Time fans have is, “What happened to the humans?” The land of Ooo is inhabited by all kinds of crazy critters but only four humans: Finn, Susan Strong, Betty and The Ice King (if you consider him still human). We know Finn’s dad is kind of a dick, but presumably he (and Finn’s mom) came from other humans who existed at some point. Even in flashbacks concerning Simon and Marceline’s past, we don’t really see any humans. It’s one of the biggest mysteries of the whole show.

Well, Adventure Time: Islands, an upcoming miniseries for the show, aims to answer that question, and more. Cartoon Network announced today that the eight-part series would follow Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, BMO and Susan Strong as they leave the land of Ooo and voyage across the ocean to figure out parts of Finn’s past.

Check out the series opening credit sequence in the video above.

Islands is the second miniseries for the show, following 2015’s Stakes – a five-part series that delved into Marceline’s past. The first episode of Islands will premier on January 30, and run for eight weeks.

Source: Cartoon Network

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