Afro Samurai Directors Cut


In a world where feudal meets modern day technology samurais and ronin fight against one another to obtain the number one head band. Some fight for greed, others because it’s all they know how to do, and some, well some fight for revenge.

image As a young boy Afro Samurai trained in the way of the sword to get revenge against the man wearing the number one head band who killed his father. His past is soaked in blood as is his future as he defeats foe after foe to obtain his goal. But his path is not an easy one as people are determined to stop him so they can obtain the number one head band instead.

The story was simple enough in concept, a samurai out for revenge seeking to kill the man who killed his father. However there’s a religious order who’s out to stop Afro Samurai and take out the number one for their own purposes. Throw in bits and pieces of Afro Samurais past that are weaved into the present day story line and you have a very dynamic plot.

The art style is different. Its ugly yet beautiful at the same time. Brilliantly detailed and expertly shaded, but there’s a grittiness to it that fits the brutality of the story. For a series about violence they didn’t skimp on the blood and gore, it’s rated mature, and that’s for good reason. There’s explicit sex scenes, death, and very adult concepts.

image The voice acting was very well done, and Samuel L. Jackson didn’t disappoint. There were even different accents for the different cultured characters. The music of course is part of what makes this series. Its hip and expertly timed to go with the action. I could see myself buying the soundtrack at some point. The directors cut features a second disc with the extras that include a voice acting in the booth special, a RZA Music Production Tour and Character Profiles with commentary. Not a bad line up for this spectacular series.

It’s one of those shows that are a little hard to get into at first, but it grows on you. The art style is unique and well done, the story’s solid, and it has astellar voice cast including Samuel L. Jackson and Ron Perlman. The entire 6 episode series is featured on their disc and even includes 15 minutes of unseen footage with an extended ending. However this one isn’t for everyone, its very hip hop and off beat, this one doesn’t have a mainstream anime feel at all.

Entertainment: 9
A little hard to get into but it hooks you.

Technical: 10
Excellent everything.

Overall: 9.5

DVD Features: English, Japanese with English Subtitles

DVD Extras: Unedited Dialogue and Picture as it was Meant to be Seen, 15 minutes of never before seen footage including an extended ending, exclusive original artwork from the creator, In the Booth: The Voice Talent of Afro Samurai, Character profiles with Commentary

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