In response to “Development in a Vacuum” from The Escapist Forum: As for the fact that their isolation has been a benefit to them rather than a hindrance, that’s what I discussed with Oveur (Nathan Richardsson) while in Vegas earlier this year at the EVE Gathering. The fact that Iceland is such small country, with a very unique culture and the fact that most of the early CCP team was from a telecommunication background also benefited the game early on.

Very curious about “other games” that they eventually get into. We’ve been hearing about it here and there, but nothing concrete so far.

– crazykinux

In response to “Footprints in Moondust” from The Escapist Forum: What an unforeseen intersection, the discovery of determinism in a game where the player is only an observer. Since it was mentioned in no less than two articles I fired up Noctis to see the insanity for myself. That is the loneliest game I’ve ever played.

– Danjo Olivaw

In response to “Footprints in Moondust” from The Escapist Forum: I’d just like to say this was a fantastic article. I think I’ll have to read Olaf Stapledon’s ‘The Star Maker’ again. And maybe I should try Noctis again too.

– Zapatero

In response to “My Own Private Galaxy” from The Escapist Forum: I started reading this weeks issue, and as I read past all the articles mentioning Wing Commander, X-wing, and other space games I thought, “How could they write an issue based on outer space games and not mention Escape Velocity“. To my surprise, Pat Miller cooled my jets with a piece about the game I used to play on the old Macintosh. Escape Velocity had such depth that you actually felt as if you were out in space calling the shots. It was an awesome game, no doubt

– Gradius Master

In response to “Wing Leader” from The Escapist Forum: Actually Origin’s Ultima and the Wing Commander series are what inspired me to get into the game industry as an artist.

If I could meet Chris C. I would shake his hand for how much influence he had in my career and game playing.

– JohnnyLA

In response to “Lost in the Void” from The Escapist Forum: It seems that BioWare is attempting to tap into some of that space sim mystique in the upcoming RPG Mass Effect. I have no idea what the mechanics of space exploration will be like – probably nothing like the old school sims – but it’s at least an indication that glimmerings of this genre are still alive in the mainstream.

– Ian Dorsch

From “Bang for your buck” in The Escapist Forum: It seems that the very nature of the initial cost of a new game somehow determines a persons willingness to play it. Let’s face it, its all about our level of satisfaction with the game vs. the amount of money that we spent on it. Who hasn’t paid good money for a dog of a title before? Games such as Fable (highly innovative) are marginally received I think because of the consumers lack of willingness to commit to the idea that went into the games creation. On the other hand, the market is overflowing with various game genres that try to do, in my opinion, too many things. Games that focus on doing a single thing extremely well always satisfy my expectations and usually leave me wanting more.

– Br0wnShugha

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