Aleens: Coloneeal Mareens


The comparison in today’s strip isn’t entirely fair. Children’s drawings do tend to display a degree of imagination and enthusiasm. Aliens: Colonial Marines boasts neither. Oh, and children generally don’t have enough spare cash to make brazenly misleading demos for their artwork.

It took three bad games for the fans to turn on BioWare. Three games to erase nearly two decades’ worth of goodwill, and none of those games were anywhere near as terrible as Aliens: Colonial Marines. I wonder how many more stinkers it’ll take to bring the hordes to Gearbox’s doorstep.

They got away with Duke Nukem Forever, somehow. Apparently the fact they didn’t technically make the game excuses them for putting a $60 price tag on that turd and unleashing it upon the unsuspecting public. The same excuses will likely be trotted out to defend Colonial Marines. It was made by some shitbox, third-string team; it was long overdue, Sega rushed it out, so on and so forth. But that means little to the gamer who just shelled out his or her hard earned cash for a product that skirts the line between embarrassing and broken. The simple fact is, Gearbox put its name on this game. The studio used its reputation and its relationship with its fans to convince the public that Colonial Marines is worth $60.

It is not.

I expect this kind of nonsense from Sega – no healthy mind could have released Sonic 06 – but I’m sorely disappointed in Gearbox.

On a more pleasant topic; Several readers asked me to keep them updated on Brass. I shall endeavour to do so. In the meantime, here’s some really early concept work from Cory and Henry.

As always, you can follow Grey and Cory on Twitter.

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