Alien: Isolation looks set to push the Wii U out an airlock.

The Alien franchise, at its core, is about being trapped in stifling location and threatened by a foe that has you completely and utterly outmatched in every imaginable fashion. Alien: Isolation, in turn, thus far seems to be aiming to be a faithful recreation of that sort of experience.

That said, it’s looking as though not everyone will get a chance to partake in Isolation‘s terrors. While releases for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC have all been confirmed, Creative Assembly and Sega haven’t given much lip service to the Wii U until recently. Unfortunately for fans of Nintendo’s console, the prospects for a Wii U edition don’t seem to be the best. Responding to an inquiry about a Wii U version, the official Alien: Isolation Twitter account replied that “we don’t have plans to put the game on the Wii U.”

While perhaps not unexpected considering the reluctance of many third party developers and publishers to invest in Wii U games, it’s nonetheless a shame. After all, this may be a case where the Wii U could actually be uniquely equipped to deliver the best, most authentic version of the game. While I suppose you could some second screen stuff with the PS4 and Xbox One, the Wii U control pad could make serve as a natural, tangible stand-in for the series’ iconic motion sensor. Sadly, it looks as though that will never be as one more game passes the Wii U by.

Source: Twitter

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