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Amateur Surgeon

Unlike last week’s Today I Die, there is nothing even remotely artsy or profound about Amateur Surgeon. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.

If you’ve never played the DS/Wii surgeon game Trauma Center: Under the Knife, well… for one, you’re missing out on a pretty cool (albeit ridiculous) game. For another, you probably saved yourself lots and lots of frustration – because it could be hard. Hard, yes, but still kind of fun in a punishing sort of way.

Amateur Surgeon makes no pretense at being anything other than a complete Trauma Center clone. Pizza delivery boy Alan Probe wants to be a surgeon, and is so absorbed in his medical magazine while making his delivery rounds that he hits wandering surgeon-cum-hobo Dr. Ignatious Bleed. Dr. Bleed needs surgery to survive … if only there was someone around with the tools to help him!

The entire game is pretty much Trauma Center, just with a morbid and slightly gross sense of humor about the whole thing. Cut people open with your pizza slicer, staple their wounds together, cauterize them with your lighter … it just goes on and on. I’m a few levels in at this point – no word on if Alan will have to tackle a manmade cyber alien virus (whoops, spoilers), but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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