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Bunni: How We Met


So, imagine you’re an adorable little rabbit wearing a crown. Why do you have a crown? Well, I don’t really know – maybe you were the king of somewhere or something, let’s go with that. But you aren’t in your kingdom, oh no. You’re on an island, and the only other person there is a ghost who warns you that all the other bunnies died off. Spooky.

So, you’ll have to restore Bunni Island to its former glory. Here’s where the RTS aspect comes in – place forests and hills next to sawmills and gold mines, and staff the mills and mines with bunny and fox workers. It’s like Warcraft, just with cute fuzzy woodland creatures instead of peasants and peons. The trick in Bunni is to balance the number of workers with the rate at which your resources regenerate – if your lumberjacks accidentally cut down an apple tree in absence of regular lumber, it could be bad. It might even spawn a horrifying, villainous … baby deer.

It can get kind of chaotic later down the line when you’re trying to manage three islands’ worth of resources, food, and workers (let alone trying to defend yourselves from those blasted deer). But it’s definitely worth a bit of your Friday afternoon, and it’ll make your weekend a whole lot cuter.

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