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Connect It

Connect It has two things that I like very much: Firstly, it takes a simple gameplay mechanic and does it well, and secondly, it’s pretty. Yes, that’s a little shallow, but what can I say? I’m a sucker for nice art. Connect It‘s premise is simple – complete the circuit by moving the slider across the bar using the cogs and gears provided.

It’s not just a case of putting the gears on the pins and watching it all move, though. It starts off easily enough, but soon you’ll be moving cogs around to try and counteract a fast moving motor spinning in the wrong direction, or rebuilding your machine halfway through a level as the slider moves out of reach of your original configuration.

There’s a fair bit of head scratching involved, and more than a little trial and error, but watching everything start to move as you drop the last gear into place is incredibly satisfying. Oh, and best of all, it all looks like some gorgeous Victorian machine, so you can pretend you’re making elaborate clockwork robots. Who doesn’t love that?

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