Alt+Escape: Continuity

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If you’ve been a regular Alt+Escape reader for quite some time now, you’re probably well aware that I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for puzzle-platformers with clever little mechanics, and Continuity is certainly no exception. It’s a very simple game that works on one of the most basic principles of videogame theory: The red key opens the red door.

That’s it. The objective is to get the red key, and enter the red door. But the interesting part comes when you realize that every level is made out of little separate building blocks that you can slide around in order to travel from segment to segment. It’s trickier than it looks at first, though – there has to be continuity between the two edges; you can’t just slap any two segments together and call it a day.

It starts out very easy (almost insulting so) but before long, it gets very, very puzzling – and you’ll be swapping between the active gameplay and the “pause menu” where you shuffle the pieces around so often that it becomes almost a game in itself to see how fast you can transition back and forth.

Frankly, some of the later levels have me stumped, but the joy when the solution clicks more than makes up for it.

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