Alt+Escape: Crush the Castle

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Crush the Castle


Contrary to what movies and books (and games) may have told you, real-life medieval siege warfare was … actually kind of boring, really. Most of it involved just sitting outside the enemy’s castle waiting for them to run out of food and/or water, or for them to do something truly boneheaded (like, say, mount an attack).

But that wouldn’t make for a very good afternoon time-waster, now would it? So that’s why we have Crush the Castle. In Crush the Castle, your liege has decided that he wants to conquer the land, and to do this he needs to dispose of all the opposing nobles and lords. So, take your trusty trebuchet and have fun!

The gameplay is simple – click once to start the swing, click again to release, watch as your projectiles tear through the bizarre castles that were surely designed by architects that were either insane, stupid, or both. There’s no real strategy involved – you never have any reason not to use your most powerful weapons – but it’s… really kind of relaxing to see the inhabitants of a castle scream and die as their home collapses around them.

Boy, that last sentence makes me sound really strange, doesn’t it?

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