Alt+Escape: Every Day the Same Dream


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Every Day the Same Dream

The drudgery of daily adult life is a subject well-explored in modern media: You wake up, you get dressed, you have your coffee, you drive to work in heavy traffic, you sit in your cubicle and do your job, you go home, repeat. It’s a heavy idea, and one seen in pretty much every form of entertainment from TV series to books to film… but not games.

Every Day the Same Dream attempts to remedy that, and while the game isn’t really that much fun, it’s really, really striking and worth experiencing. As with previous Alt+Escape fare Today I Die, figuring out how to play Every Day the Same Dream is part of the game – it’s so easy to just go through the daily motions day after day… but what happens when you decide to shake things up?

With a stark, minimalistic aesthetic and a grinding and haunting soundtrack, Every Day the Same Dream manages to stick with you long after the five or ten minutes you spend on it are over. It might not be our traditional sort of Alt+Escape, but hey – there’s nothing wrong with trying something different, right?

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