Alt+Escape: Fig. 8


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Fig. 8

I imagine that back during the Renaissance, after brilliant artist/inventor/everything-else-guy Leonardo da Vinci was finished with whatever groundbreaking apex achievement of humanity he’d been working on that day, he sat back and he looked at his notes. And he doodled on them, and tried to see how long he could keep going in a straight line.

And then someone made a browser game out of it, and called it Fig. 8, and it was good. The object of Fig. 8 is simple – you are riding some sort of miniature bicycle through some architectural notes, and the longer you keep the paths left by your wheels aligned – i.e., the longer you keep going in a straight line – the higher your score multiplier. Try to get as high a score as you possibly can. Crashing into any of the black lines on the page (even the tutorial text) means you start back from the last checkpoint.

It starts off easy, but the difficulty ramps up, to the point where if you take too long zigging and zagging back and forth you’ll get pushed off the screen as the movement speeds up. Still, it’s got a very nifty ambiance, and the background music certainly brings to mind a relaxed Italian vacation, sitting back and relaxing while drinking some nice red wine, smelling the delectable aromas in the air, and, uh…

Well, okay, maybe it’s more French than Italian, but … still, anyone else feel like grabbing some Olive Garden?

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