Alt+Escape: Grayscale


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In some ways, Grayscale is all about the very simple idea of cause-and-effect. If you have a network of interconnected gears and you spin one, every gear it’s connected to will move in turn. Every path you take has a consequence, every road may change something around you.

Perhaps that’s taking a more philosophical bent than the game requires. In Grayscale, you take on the role of a little … spark or something like that. Your goal is to navigate a series of pathways to reach the marker – I kind of see it as an extremely abstract representation of an electron powering a lightbulb, but that’s just me. Sounds simple, right?

Not so much. You see, the paths are blocked off by gears, and you’ll need to turn them to make the pathways fall into place. How do you turn them? By taking other paths and brushing by the connected gears, of course.

Grayscale starts off extremely simple, but the difficulty curve ramps up – and at level 10 (pictured above), it becomes a difficulty wall. It ain’t always so easy, but the style is great, the music is completely awesome, and it’ll keep your brain teased for quite some time – the perfect way to ease into the weekend.

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