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Heavy Weapons


Y’know, games might have increasingly more complex stories and characters these days … but sometimes, you just gotta go back to the old basic axioms. “Princesses are Good,” “Mad Scientists are Bad,” and so on.

Heavy Weapons gets right down to the most basic of concepts: Aliens from Jupiter are evil. You must destroy them. You get money from destroying them. You spend money on bigger weaponry. You use said bigger weaponry to destroy more evil aliens from Jupiter. So it continues, in a glorious upward spiral of destruction.

It might not exactly be revolutionizing the wheel here – heck, in many ways it’s pretty much a faster, less polished version of one of our first Alt+Escape titles, RoboKill… but what’s wrong with that? Killing aliens has always been a time-honored way to start one’s weekend, hasn’t it?

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