Alt+Escape: Learn to Fly


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Learn to Fly


Ah, the noble penguin. For some reason, these odd aquatic birds have a place in popular culture and can do a great many things, such as advertising alternative operating systems, winning Academy Awards, and earning spinoff comic strips. Alas, one thing they cannot do… is fly.

Upon discovering (via ‘Kiwipedia’) that he belongs to a species of flightless birds, however, one penguin decides that he’s had enough. He’s taken all he can take, and he can’t take no more. Yessir, this little penguin is determined to learn how to fly. And that’s where you come in.

No amount of wing-flapping is going to ever get the stout little waterfowl into the air, though, but that won’t stop him. This penguin is smart, you see, and can use things other penguins may not have heard of to get himself airborne – namely hang gliders and rocket boosters. Via upgrading his technology and abilities, you can help the determined (not-so-)avian take flight and achieve the dream.

Godspeed, little penguin. Godspeed.

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