Alt+Escape: PuzzleBloom


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PuzzleBloom has a deceptively simple concept: You are a … spirit, of some sort. That part isn’t really clear – maybe you’re a spirit of the Earth, maybe you’re like an alternate interpretation of a Nymph or something like that – but whatever you are, you’re some sort of embodiment of Nature. Unfortunately, you happen to be in a world dominated by industry, with imposing concrete walls and cold steel pipes. Your job? To bring greenery back to reclaim this world once more.

There’s not much you can do on your own, but you can leap to the workers and other denizens of this world and control them. Usually, controlling them involves stepping on a series of switches to get to the next area. Sure, it sounds simple, but in practice it’s ends up being actually somewhat challenging – it doesn’t have “Puzzle” in the title for no reason, after all.

Like several other games we’ve featured on Alt+Escape in the past, PuzzleBloom requires you to install the free Unity Engine plug-in – but that shouldn’t be a problem, since you’ve already done so to play Crane Wars, Paper Moon, and Blush, right? Right?

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