Alt+Escape: Rabbit Wants Cake


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Rabbit Wants Cake

I guess there’s just something about being trapped in a laboratory environment that results in an unavoidable hunger for delicious cake. Is it the labcoats? Does performing SCIENCE! automatically instill a desire for sweet, fluffy, frosted confectionery? Well, whatever it is, Rabbit Wants Cake has a simple premise: You hold the remote control to a tiny rabbit (is it a robot? Has the remote control been wired directly into its brain? Who knows!) and your little lapin companion has a hankering for cake. Help him out!

Oh, but if only it were that easy. See, here’s the catch: You don’t actually control your bunny pal in real time. Rather, you record a series of actions beforehand and then have him play it back – and cross your fingers that it works. Oh, of course, you can always cut and rearrange your actions like a film editor putting together his masterpiece, but it’ll still take some trial and error before you get the harder levels down.

The gameplay of Rabbit Wants Cake is enough to sell it, but it’s the trappings that make it fun – the cheery ragtime piano soundtrack for one, but also the little blurbs after you conquer each level. See, the rabbit appreciates it when you help him get his cake, and he wants to make sure you know it: “He would give you a ten on a scale of one to five.”

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