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Red Remover

At first glance, Red Remover seems simple: Red shapes suck, and have to be removed from the screen at all cost. Green shapes are awesome, and have to stay on-screen. Blue shapes don’t give a flying f*ck, and can either stay or go. Some you can just click out of existence, others you need to get rid of by knocking them out of the way or pulling the proverbial rug from under them.

But then, things get tricky. Then, the shapes look at our everyday normal gravity and turn their noses up – or they would, if they had noses. Different shapes will fall in different directions (as seen by the orientation of their faces), and it’s up to you to find the correct order and timing to destroy all those lousy red shapes while cuddling your beloved green ones.

Some of these can be tricky, but the real kicker is when they start giving you a “par” to shoot for – you’ll need to have some pretty good timing (and some pretty good luck) to ace a few of the puzzles. Either way, Red Remover is a great little puzzle game to help you ease into the weekend.

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